Ranking Top 30 Psychology Degree Programs Online (Bachelor’s)

//Ranking Top 30 Psychology Degree Programs Online (Bachelor’s)
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For decades, psychology has been one of the most popular majors for undergrads all over the country. There are likely many reasons for the subject’s enduring popularity on college campuses. In particular, undecided students may gravitate toward psychology because it offers a broad range of study topics with equally broad applicability to the workforce. For example, psychology covers:

  • human cognition
  • social behavior
  • biological development
  • mental health
  • criminal deviance
  • many more subjects

As such, psychology graduates may find work in fields spanning from marketing and public relations to criminal justice and health care.

So whether you’re still undecided about your career path or simply want to keep your options open, an online bachelor’s degree in psychology could be the way to go. Here are some of the top programs to help get you started.

Ranking Methodology

We created this ranking list to highlight the best psychology degree programs online. To be eligible for consideration, a college must offer at least one online bachelor’s degree program in psychology, have an average annual tuition rate of $30,000 or less, and maintain a six-year graduation rate of at least 50%. Also note that for a program to be considered fully online, enrolled degree candidates must be able to complete 100% of their coursework through the web, except for any practicum or internship requirements.

After identifying all the eligible schools, we looked at each online psychology program’s average tuition rate (weighted 15% of the total score), graduation rate (25%), coursework comprehensiveness (30%), and hands-on training (30%). To assess coursework, we considered qualities such as:

  • the number of specialization options (if any)
  • breadth of required classes
  • a variety of elective options

For hands-on training, we focused on the type and range of experiential learning opportunities that the program offers. These could include:

  • capstone courses
  • internships
  • research projects
  • field experiences
  • other similar activities

Once we had collected all the data, we assigned points to each program in each category, tallied the totals, and calculated the final scores. The 30 highest-scoring schools earned anywhere from 39 to 87 points.

Ranking Top 30 Psychology Degree Programs Online

#30. Dallas Baptist University – Dallas, TX

Online Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Psychology

Program Website
Dallas Baptist University offers a full, 120-credit undergraduate psychology degree program online. However, students only need to complete 30 of those credit hours at DBU, giving applicants lots of leeway to transfer courses from any other institutions they’ve previously attended. But whether you’ve completed all your general education requirements or not, you can benefit from the university’s strong core sequence of psychology classes (also 30 credits). Examples of major courses include:

  • “Statistics for the Social Sciences”
  • “Psychology of Personality”
  • “Human Growth and Development”

And because it’s a religious university, DBU also incorporates required coursework in the “Integration of Psychology/Christianity.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $26,180/yr
Score: 39

#29. Palm Beach Atlantic University-West Palm Beach, FL

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
Palm Beach Atlantic University has designed its online bachelor’s degree is for individuals who have a career interest in psychology and counseling. In other words, you should consider pursuing this top bachelor of science in psychology online if you have a desire to help people and to give back to your community in a professional way. Graduates qualify for jobs as:

  • human resource specialists
  • career counselors
  • case managers
  • corporate recruiters
  • similar occupations that don’t have a professional license

The program will also prepare you to transition directly into PBAU’s MS in Counseling upon graduation if you want to earn an advanced degree.
Average Tuition & Fees: $28,520/yr
Score: 43.5

#28. San Diego Christian College – Santee, CA

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Website
Students at San Diego Christian College can take advantage of a broad-based psychology curriculum that will prepare them for a wide range of careers. With a focus on applied techniques, the program is especially suitable for individuals who envision a career in:

  • business
  • education
  • consulting

This is also one of the best online bachelor of arts in psychology degrees for Christians, as many courses emphasize the moral and spiritual components of human development. Of course, non-religious applicants stand just as much to gain from the curriculum, which prioritizes research and hands-on learning opportunities above all.
Average Tuition & Fees: $29,550/yr
Score: 44

#27. Colorado Christian University – Lakewood, CO (Tied)

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Program Website
Religious institutions clearly dominate the high end of this psychology degree programs online ranking, and Colorado Christian University is no exception. The school makes no apologies about incorporating a “Christian worldview” into its curriculum. In fact, all students must complete six credits of Biblical Studies credits in addition to their major coursework, which includes classes like:

  • “Integration of Psychology and Theology”
  • “Spiritual Foundations of Leadership”

Even so, the majority of the courses are secular in nature and ultimately aim to prepare graduates for private-sector careers in:

  • business
  • health
  • education.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $29,360/yr
    Score: 44

#27. LeTourneau University – Longview, TX (Tied)

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
Although LeTourneau’s undergraduate psychology program won’t directly prepare you for a career in counseling, it will enable you to work with – and help – people in your daily life. The curriculum’s driving philosophy is that by teaching you analytical skills and basic knowledge of human behavior, you’ll be ready to tackle a diverse range of responsibilities in different career fields. As such, LeTourneau puts forth a comprehensive set of core classes that are sure to produce versatile graduates. Indeed, students pursuing their bachelor of science in psychology online take variety of courses, such as:

  • social psychology
  • abnormal psychology
  • physiological psychology
  • statistics
  • counseling theories
  • cognition.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $28,480/yr
    Score: 44.5

#25. Concordia University-Saint Paul – Saint Paul, MN

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Website
For students who place a premium on flexibility, Concordia University in St. Paul has one of the best psychology degree programs online. The curriculum offers 100% asynchronous classes, meaning you can study entirely on your own schedule with zero live meetings required. In addition, CUSP utilizes seven-week courses so that you can manage your time while also accelerating your education. Perhaps the only caveat is that the program requires all degree candidates to complete an eight-credit internship in the field, but this experience is well worth the practical skills you’ll gain on the job.
Average Tuition & Fees: $21,250/yr
Score: 45.5

#23. Lincoln Christian University – Lincoln, IL (Tied)

Online BA in Psychology

Program Website
Students of faith have yet another great opportunity to combine their career interests with their spiritual beliefs at Lincoln Christian University. The school pitches its interdisciplinary curriculum as an ideal way for program participants to “develop a Biblical worldview as [they] learn about the brain.”

But overall, the program aims to foster a sense of empathy and compassion toward others – character traits that are assets in virtually any career field. As such, you’ll take classes like “Psychology and Religion” and “An Introduction to Worldviews”. You’ll graduate from LCU’s affordable online psychology degree program with the skills to make a difference in any job you pursue.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,020/yr
Score: 46

#23. Chaminade University of Honolulu – Honolulu, HI (Tied)

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
Looking for something truly unique? Check out Chaminade University of Honolulu, a school that caters to local demographics through a psychology program that emphasizes “Asian thought.” The program proudly promotes its diverse, multicultural environment and use of hands-on exercises to demonstrate the importance of compassion in daily interactions. If you’re worried about the logistics of pursuing an accredited BS in psychology online through a university located out in Hawaii, don’t be. Chaminade’s robust PACE initiative offers a streamlined way for distance students to earn their degree 100% online while enjoying small classes and manageable term lengths.
Average Tuition & Fees: $23,310/yr
Score: 46

#22. Bryan College-Dayton – Dayton, TN

Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

Program Website
Bryan College is another institution that claims a few distinct features. Most notably, this degree is officially a Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology – a title that highlights the curriculum’s focus on practical skills. In fact, Bryan has one of the top online psychology degrees for students who would rather work in a field like human services or education than directly in counseling. (That being said, the coursework will also qualify you for graduate-level study in counseling/therapy, if that’s your goal).

Another perk? You can shorten your time to graduation by applying to receive college credit for your life experiences.
Average Tuition & Fees: $24,450/yr
Score: 46.5

#21. Old Dominion University – Norfolk, VA

Online Psychology Degree Program

Program Website
A public school that has already received plenty of accolades for its distance education programs, Old Dominion University looms large on this ranking with its top affordable bachelor of science in psychology online. Here, you’ll acquire a diverse set of skills in readily career-translatable subjects like:

  • research
  • experimental design
  • quantitative methods

Although the curriculum covers a broad range of topics in all, it is especially suitable for applicants with an interest in industrial and organizational psychology. In fact, ODU designates an entire section of its curriculum to applied concepts like “Human Factors” and “Health Psychology.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,240/yr
Score: 49.5

#20. McKendree University – Lebanon, IL

Online Psychology Degree Program

Program Website
Whether you’re interested in industrial/organizational psychology or child development, want to work in a mental health clinic or a classroom, McKendree University has you covered. The school’s accredited online bachelor of arts in psychology gives busy adults the flexibility they need to study on their own time and prepare for the career they want. To give students the best possible advantage in the job market, the degree focuses on skill development over content memorization. That means you’ll learn how to:

  • think critically
  • express yourself clearly
  • interpret others’ behavior
  • maintain self-awareness in any professional setting.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $28,740/yr
    Score: 51

#19. York College – York, NE

Online Psychology Degree Program

Need proof that York has one of the best online bachelor’s degrees in psychology? Well, for starters, it’s one of the college’s most popular majors, drawing applicants from across the country. Classes provide a comprehensive look at the field from all angles, imparting knowledge in everything from abnormal psychology and social science research to statistics and counseling. Most importantly, the curriculum ends with a unique capstone seminar course that will put your skills to the test. In this class, you’ll need to design and conduct your own original experience, then write a report on your findings.
Average Tuition & Fees: $17,700/yr
Score: 51.5

#18. University of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio, TX

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Some people dismiss online learning as a subpar form of education that isolates students and lacks accountability. But few would levy such criticisms on the University of the Incarnate Word. It delivers online programs in a “collaborative learning environment” through classes that emphasize “strong theoretical and scientific foundation[s].”

UIW psychology students enjoy one of the most comprehensive curricula of any school on this bachelor of science in psychology online ranking. You can take classes in learning, personality, multicultural issues, and much more. Plus, you get to choose between completing a final capstone project or participating in an off-campus internship.
Average Tuition & Fees: $28,898/yr
Score: 52.5

#17. Midway University – Midway, KY

Online Psychology Program

Program Website
With a name befitting its central location on our online bachelor of arts in psychology ranking, Midway University offers a great generalist program for undecided and/or multi-interested students. In addition to being 100% online, the degree also comes with responsive, supportive faculty and an affordable tuition rate. And when it comes to the curriculum, Midway is decidedly hands-on. In fact, where other schools let you choose your final capstone experience, Midway’s program requires you to complete two: a community service practicum and a senior project that will challenge you to “demonstrate excellence” in the field.
Average Tuition & Fees: $23,350/yr
Score: 53

#16. Robert Morris University – Moon Township, PA

Online BA in Psychology

We’re not the only ones to recognize that Robert Morris is home to one of the top online bachelor of arts in psychology degrees. In fact, the university has also earned honors from TheBestSchools.org and SuperScholar for the caliber of its undergraduate program. And it’s not hard to see how RMU acquired such a great reputation. The curriculum covers just about every aspect of psychology you could possibly think of, including:

  • Sensation and Perception
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Industrial Psychology and much more

Like other top schools, RMU also requires students to complete multiple capstone experiences – in this case, a final practicum and thesis paper.
Average Tuition & Fees: $28,250/yr
Score: 53.5

#15. University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL

Online Psychology BS Degree

Program Website
Of course, you won’t be qualified to work as a practicing psychologist after only earning a bachelor’s degree. But at UCF, you will be prepared to “intelligently evaluate psychological information” that you encounter in everyday life. This could mean:

  • interpreting and analyzing scholarly sources
  • assessing (and responding appropriately to) your coworkers’ actions
  • understanding more about what makes you tick

You’ll graduate from this affordable online psychology degree program with the skills you need for a successful career in:

  • business
  • healthcare
  • education
  • research, and more.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $14,418/yr
    Score: 54

#14. North Greenville University – Tigerville, SC

Online Psychology – Applied Degree

Program Website
North Greenville University’s Psychology-Applied major places a strong emphasis on practical, real-world techniques. The curriculum highlights realistic uses of psychology. Examples include how an understanding of child development can inform parenting, and how you can take advantage of theories in social psychology to get ahead in business.

This approach makes NGU’s program one of the best psychology degree programs online for anyone who’s interested in acquiring real-world skills. You’ll even have a chance to complete an internship, interview professionals in the field, and develop a portfolio to showcase your work.
Average Tuition & Fees: $17,594/yr
Score: 56

#13. University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ

Online BA in Psychology

Program Website
The University of Arizona is no stranger to distance education. Indeed, it has a robust online presence that spans dozens of degree programs at every level. This means you can feel confident in the school’s ability to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality online bachelor of arts in psychology degree. Like other universities on this list, psychology is one of the most popular majors at UA. As a bonus, applicants from Western states who enroll in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program may qualify for a reduced nonresident tuition rate!
Average Tuition & Fees: $23,368/yr
Score: 57

#12. Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
What makes Colorado State University any different from the other top online bachelor’s degrees in psychology on this ranking? Of its many unique attributes, this program is particularly appealing for its collaborative atmosphere. Even for distance education courses, the average class size is just 21 students. On top of that, many professors incorporate interactive exercises that utilize:

  • chat rooms
  • discussion forums
  • video conferences

What’s more, the curriculum includes several required laboratory courses that will help you gain hands-on skills in topics like:

  • psychological measurement and testing
  • sensation and perception
  • industrial psychology.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $19,699/yr
    Score: 58

#10. Lesley University – Cambridge, MA (Tied)

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Website
The ideal applicant to Lesley University’s BA in Psychology is “fascinated by the complexities of the human brain and how it affects behavior.” Coursework emphasizes the theories and concepts underlying psychology, from personality and lifespan development to abnormal behavior and basic cognition.

In addition, all students must complete two internships before graduating from Lesley’s psychology degree program online. To ensure that you make the most of this experience, you’ll also be required to enroll in a seminar that enables you to reflect on what you’ve learned and get support from peers.
Average Tuition & Fees: $25,875/yr
Score: 60

#10. Blue Mountain College – Blue Mountain, MS (Tied)

Online Psychology Degree Program

Program Website
Offered 100% online in convenient, eight-week courses, Blue Mountain College’s psychology program is a great choice for busy professionals. It may also be the best bachelor of science in psychology online for Christian students. All faculty are practicing Christians and teach classes with an emphasis on religious doctrine. In fact, students are required to take two general education classes in biblical texts. The concept of faith is likely to come up in core courses like “Human Growth and Development” and “Addictions” as well. But aside from its Christian focus, BMC will also appeal to applicants for its optional internship course.
Average Tuition & Fees: $11,212/yr
Score: 60

#9. University of Massachusetts-Lowell – Lowell, MA

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Website
For solid instruction in the theoretical foundations of psychology, check out the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. Its BA in Psychology views the field with a wide lens, but also dives into specific subfields like experimental, clinical, and social psych. Designed for working professionals, this accredited online program offers both full- and part-time scheduling as well as both traditional and distance-based courses. On-campus classes are optional.  The program is particularly impressive for its diverse coursework. You can even take unique electives like:

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Introduction to Disability Studies.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $22,591/yr
    Score: 61.5

#7. Florida International University – Miami, FL (Tied)

Online BA in Psychology

Program Website
Florida International University is a big name in online education, and it’s easy to see why. Coursework is 100% internet-based. There are personal success coaches for every undergraduate. There are three annual start dates.  FIU offers some of the nation’s best educational opportunities. Beyond the convenience and support it offers, FIU’s psychology program also strives to stay on the cutting-edge of the field. For example, an integrated Research Sequence aims to reflect current trends while highlighting contemporary topics in the science of psychology.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,755/yr
Score: 64

#7. Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR (Tied)

Online BA/BS in Psychology

Program Website
Of all the reasons to earn your online psychology degree from Oregon State University, perhaps the most compelling is its emphasis on experiential learning. OSU requires all psychology majors to complete at least one “writing intensive course” in a research-based topic like psychometrics or brain and behavior methods. In addition, the curriculum offers a veritable smorgasbord of hands-on training opportunities. You can:

  • conduct research
  • write a thesis
  • take a seminar or workshop class
  • complete a field experience
  • tackle an independent study project, and more.

To top it all off, the program also comes with an extensive list of electives to suit even your most obscure interests.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,824/yr
Score: 64

#6. Claflin University – Orangeburg, SC

Online Psychology Program

Program Website
If you eventually plan to earn a graduate degree in psychology, then Claflin University would be a great place to kick off your journey. This is especially true for nontraditional learners. Adult students can earn an affordable online bachelor’s degree in psychology from the school’s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies. The curriculum provides “a broad, interdisciplinary foundation in the core areas of research and application.” This approach is especially suitable for undergrads who want to pursue an advanced degree.

There is even a required three-course “Research Core” that includes a senior seminar class. Plus, you’ll have the option to do an independent study as an elective.
Average Tuition & Fees: $16,158/yr
Score: 64.5

#5. University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Website
At the University of Florida, psychology professors encourage their students to “be the guide to a better psyche for others.” Although a broad directive, this goal reflects the program’s larger mission to prepare graduates for diverse careers in:

  • business
  • education
  • marketing
  • healthcare
  • law school

Members of UF’s accredited online bachelor of arts in psychology program must take classes in biology, math, and statistics as well as traditional psych coursework. And if that’s not convincing enough, it’s also worth noting that the University of Florida boasts an impressive 87% graduation rate.
Average Tuition & Fees: $17,520/yr
Score: 66

#4. Liberty University – Lynchburg, VA

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
Liberty University is one of the most ubiquitous names in online education, so it’s no surprise that it pops up on this list of the best online psychology degrees. The program’s format is 100% online. Its generous transfer policy (you can get credit for up to 90 hours!) go a long way in cementing its appeal among busy adults. But even more significant is the curriculum’s use of cognates to help students customize their degree. As a psychology major, you’ll acquire specialized knowledge in one of eight pre-approved areas of study. Examples include:

  • Addictions and Recovery
  • Life Coaching
  • Military Resilience.
    Average Tuition & Fees: $21,292/yr
    Score: 66.5

#3. Touro University Worldwide – Los Alamitos, CA

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Program Website
A quick look at the metrics confirms that Touro deserves its top spot on this online bachelor of arts in psychology ranking. First, it has a nearly 80% graduation rate and an affordable tuition of less than $15,000 a year. Second, it offers a robust curriculum that includes hands-on training and covers essential concepts like:

  • research
  • ethics
  • assessments

Third, the program incorporates six job-oriented concentrations that will help prepare you for a successful career. For example, aspiring teachers might choose to specialize in elementary or secondary education. A future business consultant might opt for the industrial/organizational track.
Average Tuition & Fees: $14,600/yr
Score: 76

#2. Washington State University – Pullman, WA

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Website
Falling just a point shy of the top spot, Washington State University can be proud of its placement on this ranking. The school’s affordable bachelor of science in psychology online gives students a traditional liberal arts education while preparing them for graduate school or vocational work such as:

  • think human services
  • marketing
  • research and development

More significantly, the curriculum allows you to select one of three “Focus Areas” around which to organize your electives. Business and marketing professionals might choose the social/motivational track, while those interested in mental health can opt for the clinical/counseling track.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,357/yr
Score: 86

#1. University of North Dakota – Grand Forks, ND

Online Bachelor’s in Psychology

Program Website
There is practically no end to the list of benefits that come with earning a BA in Psychology from the University of North Dakota. For starters, UND offers in-state tuition to all distance learners – regardless of residency. This means that you’ll pay just over $8,000 a year in tuition costs! In addition to being one of the most affordable psychology degree programs online, UND also stands apart for its high-quality online courses. The courses encourage students to interact via live web discussions that simulate a virtual classroom. As for the curriculum itself, UND doesn’t disappoint. You’ll even have the chance to participate in hands-on practical and/or instructional experiences to hone your skills in a real-world setting.
Average Tuition & Fees: $8,136/yr
Score: 87

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