What Are the Best Online Paper Writing Resources for Psychology Students?

//What Are the Best Online Paper Writing Resources for Psychology Students?
What Are the Best Online Paper Writing Resources for Psychology Students? 2020-07-09T15:58:58+00:00

What Are the Best Online Paper Writing Resources for Psychology StudentsA large part of any psychology curriculum is collegiate level writing. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, psychology students will be expected to do a great deal of academic writing, in many different styles and subjects. While some students are naturally gifted writers, others may struggle to fulfill this portion of the curriculum. Many schools offer writing centers and supportive resources for students who struggle. In addition to this great resource there are a variety of online tools that can help students write a psychology paper or essay with ease. Some of the top sites include:

APA Style.org – This website is sponsored by the APA and helps students learn more about writing scholarly papers in APA format. Students are shown the proper ways to write, cite resources and format a psychology paper or essay.

Citation Machine – A major source of struggle for many students is how to properly cite resources. The Citation Machine helps takes the guesswork out of creating an APA formatted citation. This website walks students through the process by asking a few simple questions about the recourse and generating a properly formatted citation.

Essay Punch – This innovative website offers interactive online essay-writing tutorials to assist students in organizing their ideas and improve their writing skills.

Grammarly – Grammarly is the leading website for checking a paper for plagiarism. It is recommended that students check their work for any possible plagiarism before submitting to a professor. This website insures that your paper does not cross any lines of possible plagiarism.

Grubba – This website helps students create a useful database that allows them to keep ideas and information organized in one place. Student writers have the opportunity to easily create a database and shared with other people.

Info Please Writing Skills – A library of how to guides for writing a better paper or essay through tutorials, lessons and other helpful resources.

Purdue Owl APA Online Writing Lab – This comprehensive online research paper resource helps students understand the process of writing a scholarly paper in APA format. There are a wide variety of resources that cover a range of topics in how-to write a successful paper.

Simple Psychology: Psychology Essay Writing Guide for Students – This website offers a helpful guide for psychology majors when it comes time to write scholarly psychology papers.

Wiki How: How to Write a Research Paper – This website supports an easy to use guide on how to write, cite and format a proper research paper.

Wridea – A web service with the goal of helping students and researchers remember ideas, organize and improve those ideas and allowing students the chance to share their ideas with others.

By using these resources, every psychology major can learn how to properly research, organize, write and cite a paper or essay. There are ways to protect against possible plagiarism, as well as resources and tools to help improve even the best writers skills. By taking advantage of the many online tools and resources, all psychology students can write excellent papers and essays.