What Are The Top Blogs for Psychology Students?

//What Are The Top Blogs for Psychology Students?
What Are The Top Blogs for Psychology Students? 2021-11-04T22:56:14+00:00

Most students entering the field of psychology are well versed with the use of the Internet to stay connected. Now more than ever before technology has become an important tool in the teaching and practice of psychology. This is a list of the most relevant and informative blogs for students entering the field of psychology.

Psychology Blog Roll

Advances in the History of Psychology – A blog devoted to looking at the historical ascpects of psychological sciences and how the field has changed over the years.

Bad Science – Although this is not a psychology blog, this is an important resource for all psychology students. This blog will help psychology majors tease apart good and bad research.

Brain Blogger – The goal of the contributors who make up Brain Blogger is to challenge the traditional biomedical model and its associated web reporting. The contributors use the influential biopsychosocial model, created by Dr. Engel, as the guiding principle.

Brain Lady Blog – A blog written by Dr. Susan Weinschenk, PhD. The goal of this blog is to better understand how to apply psychology and brain science research to understand how people think, work, and behave.

Channel N – This blog showcases brain and behavior videos that are available online for free. This includes lectures, documentaries, art films, educational videos, user-generated public service announcements and much more. The goal of this blog is to compile a reviewed database of relevant videos to save time having to scour the Internet.

In The News – A fascinating blog written to outline the many interesting details of when law and psychology meet. The blog covers topics including forensic psychology, criminology and law.

Mind Hacks – This blog works to collect valuable psychological articles, research studies, websites and more for psychology students and professionals.

Neurophilosophy – A blog dedicated to the study of neuroscience, molecules and the brain. There are many links to current and cutting edge research.

PsyBlog – In this blog, University College London researcher Jeremy Dean posts various articles relating to the empirical and scientific aspect of modern psychology. The primary goal of this blog is to show psychology professionals, students and laypersons how important the scientific aspect of psychology is to the field.

Psychology Today Blog: The Essential Read – A blog written by the many writers at the popular media outlet, Psychology Today. Topics covered include modern psychology trends, research findings, and many more.

Psychotherapy Brown Bag – The title of the blog comes from the long held tradition of the “brown bag seminar” which is a lunch meeting where professionals or interns discuss current psychology topics. This blog works to serve this function in an online format.

Research Blogging – An excellent blog for psychology students, which publishes and reviews peer-reviewed journal articles.

This list of blogs should help psychology students stay on top of the changing face of modern psychology. No matter what area of psychology you plan to pursue, there are a number of blogs that can be resources to help you achieve your goals.