5 Best Mental Health Podcasts

Five Great Podcasts About Mental Health

  • The League of Awkward Unicorns
  • Mental Health Today
  • Mental Illness Happy Hour
  • Unhinged: Discussing Mental Health
  • Conversations About Mental Illness

The topic of mental health is a widely-discussed one in the twenty-first century. According to Forbes, mental health is highly neglected and is one of the most widespread problems in the workplace, often dismissed as less important than other aspects of health by executives and managers.

As we learn more about the relationship between mental health and the other aspects of our lives, more and more resources on managing and improving mental health have become available. Here are five of the best podcasts about mental health.

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  1. The League of Awkward Unicorns

    Hosted by Alice Bradley and Deanna Zandt, the League of Awkard Unicorns is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses a broad range of topics relating to mental illness and mental health management, with an often humorous combination of clinical and psychological expertise, personal anecdotes, and close-to-home relevance. The podcast is available on TLoAU’s website, where fans can also purchase swag or make donations.

  2. Mental Health Today

    Hosted by therapist John Cordray, Mental Health Today addresses the difficulties of living with mental illness and offers tips and help on management, including advice on work and time management, personal relationships, and living day to day positively. Mental Health Today is available on iTunes, Player FM, and Stitcher.

  3. Mental Illness Happy Hour

    Hosted by Paul Gilmartin, this weekly podcast presents a multitude of guests from creators to psychiatrists. Depression, addiction, trauma, negative thinking, and suicide are just a few of the many topics discussed. Helping to normalize the conversation about mental illness and its prevalence, the Mental Illness Happy Hour is available on Stitcher.

  4. Unhinged: Discussing Mental Health

    Hosted by Doug W. and Ed C., Unhinged is a podcast about the long-term friendship between the two hosts and how mental illness so often damages and destroys relationships in the lives of sufferers. The podcast aims to make listeners more aware of the invisible burden of clinical depression and how it impacts the lives of not only those who have it but those who love them. Unhinged is available for streaming on Doug and Ed’s website.

  5. Conversations About Mental Illness

    Conversations about Mental Illness explores an astounding array of different mental illnesses, from complex post-traumatic stress disorder to schizophrenia. It includes discussions about neuroscience, the intersection of mental illness and law enforcement, mental illness and family relationships, and much more. Hosted monthly, this podcast is available on Stitcher, iTunes, and Player FM.

From the improvement of overall mental health to managing the more serious symptoms and difficulties of mental illness, each of these podcasts offers a wide range of advice, knowledge, and coping techniques for each and every listener – whether they are newly diagnosed or have been living with a mental illness for decades of their lives.