Saint Leo University


Counseling and Psychology Degrees Offered at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University appears in our ranking of the 30 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Online.

At Saint Leo University, students can choose from 32 majors at the undergraduate level, 5 associates degrees, 37 graduate selections, and 5 doctoral programs. Many of the programs of studies can also be participated in via virtual classrooms. Saint Leo University offers a variety of degrees for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels within the psychology department, such as:

  • B.A. in Psychology – Clinical/Counseling (available online)
  • B.A. in Psychology – Developmental
  • B.A. in Psychology – Experimental
  • B.A. in Psychology – General (available online)
  • M.S. in Psychology (available online only)

Students who are intrigued by human behavior and desire a further understanding of the mind will explore these interests in courses such as Abnormal Psychology and Personality Theory. Each psychological track offered at the undergraduate level opens up new aspects of the field by delving into a curriculum that focuses on a variety of topics. Students learn how to interact with and comprehend the human experience through personality theory, biological behavioral reasoning, and adolescent development. All of these courses will eventually prepare students for a career in social work, casework, mental health counseling, and research.

At the master’s level, the foundational curriculum contributes to the development of exceptional professional skills and knowledge. Students who are seeking to continue their education in psychology will learn new theories and focus on ethical reasoning, critical thinking and understanding sensitivity, and diversity. General psychological studies include courses that regard research methods, social psychology, learning & cognition, and diversity & ethics. Graduates pursuing their virtual master’s degree will participate in 36 credit hours throughout a two-month term. The degree’s curriculum will culminate in a capstone project.

About Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is highly ranked in the state of Florida by the U.S. World News & World Report. The Diverse Issues in Higher Education ranked Saint Leo in the top 100 for its impressive number of baccalaureate degrees awarded to minority students. Campus life is full of diversity with 41% of students coming from underrepresented demographics. Of the student body, 44 American states and 8 international countries are represented. Saint Leo University also provides outstanding programs for military personnel.

SLU is one of the oldest higher learning universities in the state of Florida and has been educating students since 1889. Saint Leo University is foundationally Catholic but welcomes students from all faiths. Since it first opened its doors, Saint Leo has always been committed to providing students with an academic experience that will inspire growth in both the mind and spirit. SLU has a long-running history of creating leaders who are fearless in their pursuit of changing the world with their knowledge and skills. The religious foundation aids in keeping the optimism and faith alive through firm beliefs and values. The faculty members at the university focus solely on the success of each student by creating an environment that is centered around academic growth and achievement.

Some of Saint Leo University’s core values include practicing academic excellence through hard work and responsibility. SLU believes in the power of community, where a faith-based learning environment is prioritized and preserved. The university as a whole values respect, which is foundational for building solid relationships that will last a lifetime. Saint Leo University also practices stewardship which is rooted in integrity. Students learn resourcefulness and commitment to their missions through passion and dedication to their crafts.

Saint Leo University Accreditation Details

Saint Leo University received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Saint Leo University is a participating member in a number of associations including the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the National Association of Institution for Military Education Services (NAIMES), the American Council on Education, the National Catholic Education Association, and the National Collegiate Honor Society.

Saint Leo University Application Requirements

First-year and undergraduate students seeking admissions should prepare an online application. Prospective students can also download a physical application. These should be mailed to the admissions office. Students should prepare official high school transcripts, optional letters of recommendation, satisfactory SAT or ACT scores and financial aid applications. The application fee is $45.

Graduate and professional program students should have received a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Prospective psychology students have the opportunity to waive this requirement if the department office approves it. Graduate students should prepare two letters of recommendation, a goal statement of at least 500 words, satisfactory GRE scores, and an $80 application fee. Official transcripts showcasing a bachelor’s degree and the completion of the undergraduate courses of Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology should also be provided to the admissions office.

Students who are looking for virtual admissions should follow the same process for the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate students who live on the university campus and are taking 12 to 18 credit hours will pay $36,860. Students will also pay indirect costs for books, miscellaneous fees, and travel. In total with these fees, students will pay $40,346. Prices fluctuate depending on the meal plan of choice and the residence hall students choose to live in.

Undergraduate students who are participating in courses at the WorldWide campus will pay $370 per credit hour for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Certificate programs are $250 per credit hour. Active duty military students who are at the undergraduate level will pay $250 per credit hour and for those who are Navy Pace, tuition will be $200 per credit hour. Indirect costs for those participating in courses at the WorldWide campus will be $14,314. This price includes books, room and board, miscellaneous fees and travel expenses.

Graduate students participating in the Psychology program will pay $650 per credit hour. For graduates who will be living on campus, tuition will be $14,314. In total, with the costs of books, room and board, miscellaneous and personal fees, graduate students can expect tuition of $21,610.

Students seeking financial aid can apply for a FAFSA account or obtain assistance in the form of a loan, grant or scholarship from the university. On average, 73% of undergraduate students receive a scholarship from Saint Leo University with an award amount of $6,500.

Whether you have strong faith, or just enjoy the company of a group of believers, Saint Leo University welcomes you to a vibrant community.