Are There Any Limitations To How Or Where I Can Practice If I Obtain An Online Psychology Degree?

An individual who earns their psychology degree online will have minimal limitations on how and where they can practice. With options for what type of psychology to practice the possibilities for career choices are endless.

Limitations to How You Can Practice With An Online Psychology Degree

Just because a degree in psychology is earned online does not preclude an individual from any specific type of practice. According to US News And World Report, there is a list of American Psychological Association (APA) approved psychology programs available online in each of the five major specialty categories. Whether you wish to practice Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology or one of the other categories of practice, there is an online degree program for you.

Once you obtain your degree there is no limit to how you can practice. As long as you adhere to the regulations put forth by your state in regards to training and licensure, you can practice in almost any setting. Whether you desire a career in private practice or in an organization, an online psychology degree will qualify you.

Limitations to Where You Can Practice With An Online Psychology Degree

Additionally, there are no specific limitations as to where you can use your online psychology degree. It is important to note that degrees earned online must adhere to the same state standards as a traditional degree. All of the appropriate training, licensure and testing must be completed before you can begin practicing. That being said, there is a limitless number of places you can use your online psychology degree.

Online degrees are accepted for those individuals who wish to work in a school or academic setting. Licenses are granted to those individuals who would like to pursue a career in private practice. Psychologists and counselors who earned their degrees online can be found working in almost every area of psychology. They can be found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, inpatient facilities, substance abuse facilities and many other settings.

Limitations to Doctoral Degrees Earned Online

The most notable limitation still existing for online psychology programs relates to doctoral degrees earned online. In 2010, the APA’s Commission On Accreditation put a rule into effect stating that doctoral programs that are completed primarily or solely online will not receive APA accreditation. While they did not outline any specifics on what constitutes a program being “primarily” online, it is a limitation that must be kept in mind. It is also important to keep in mind that they are not banishing all online psychology programs from possible APA accreditation. While the Commission acknowledges that online education is positive, they still want a requirement of some face-to-face interaction. While an APA accredited program is not a requirement to practice psychology it is worth mention.

With so many specialties within psychology and so many options for how to practice the trade, the options are endless. Whether a degree is earned in a classroom or online, future psychologists, counselors and therapists have room to cater their career to their individual aspirations. Fortunately, there are minimal limitations to how and where an individual can practice with an online psychology degree.