Can I Pursue a Business Career With a Psychology Degree?

major in psychology minor in business

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is the obvious jumping off point for those who plan to enter a career in professional psychology. However, a large number of students pursue this major every year with no intention of becoming a psychologist. One of the most common career outcomes for those who earn their bachelor’s degree in psychology is careers in business. A business career can come in many shapes and sizes and a psychology degree can be applied to almost all of them.

How Does a Psychology Degree Apply to a Business Career?

Broadly speaking, the field of psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. A large part of success in business is have an astute understanding of those you are making deals with, managing, hiring and interacting with. By having a background in psychology, business professionals can better understand how to handle a myriad of situations. While in a psychology program, students learn the ways in which human think, what motivates them, what underlies decision making processes and much more. While some of the historical data may be less applicable, it all leads to a better comprehension of what drives people.

A Minor in Psychology Applied to a Business Degree

Another option to maximize success in the business world is to pursue a business major with a minor in psychology. This dynamic combination offers the best of both world. Students can gather the nuances of the business world, while learning to better understand how people think and why they do what they do. This can give graduates a competitive edge in the business world, and even more importantly during the hiring process.

Can A Graduate Degree in Psychology be Applied to a Business Career?

Just a few years ago the answer to this question would be no. With the introduction of the specialty fields of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Engineering Psychology, graduate psychology training is making its way into the boardroom. These are programs that have been created to bridge the gap between psychology and business. As people have begun to discover that psychology is a critical part of business dealings, these programs have seen a dramatic increase at colleges and universities throughout the country. Now, a master’s degree in these sub-fields can make the psychologist the most qualified business professional in the room.

Psychology degrees of all levels can be applied to a professional career in business. Whether you combine a business degree with a dual major or minor in psychology, or you earn a graduate degree specifically meant for application to the business world, a psychology degree is a definite boost to those in the field of business.