Can I Pursue a Human Resources Job With a Psychology Degree?

psychology degree human resources

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is the required major for those who plan to pursue a career in professional psychology or counseling. However, many students choose to pursue this exciting major each year with no intention of becoming a psychologist or counselor. One of the most common career outcomes for those who earn their bachelor’s degree in psychology is human resources. A human resources career can easily stem from a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Students who earn a degree in psychology are prepared with the information and skills they will need to interact successfully in the field of business.

What Does a Human Resources Career Involve?

Human Resources is an area of the business world where a trained professional is responsible for the hiring, firing and management of employees. They are typically involved in the hiring process, interviewing candidates and reviewing resumes to choose suitable candidates. They are also responsible for the management of employees once they are hired. This can involve scheduling, benefits such as insurance, attending to grievances and many other ongoing tasks. When an employee is no longer a good for a company it is the human resources professional who will either work to make the situation better or terminate the employment agreement.

How Does a Psychology Degree Apply to a Human Resources Career?

While some colleges and universities offer a major in human resources, many do not. A major that many students turn to is psychology. Because study in the field of psychology involves intense study of how and why people think and act, it is an excellent course of preparation for the field of human resources. By understanding the way people are motivated and how they function, this information can be applied in the workplace.

A Minor in Psychology Applied to a Human Resources Degree

Another excellent option to pursue the field of human resources is a dual major in psychology and human resources or a minor in psychology paired with a major in psychology. Some schools may even offer a human resources minor or concentration that can be paired with a psychology degree. This combination allows you to understand the details and nuances of working in the business place while better understanding human functioning. Each of these options is an excellent way to receive the skills and information needed to work in human resources.

Psychology degrees of all levels can be applied to a professional career in human resources. Many schools do not offer a stand-alone human resources major, while most schools do offer a major in psychology. Whether you combine a human resources degree with a dual major or minor in psychology, or you earn a graduate degree specifically meant for application to the business world, a psychology degree is a definite boost to those in the field of human resources.