Five Great Psychology Conferences

psychology conferencesFrom the time you embark upon a college education in psychology, you begin to understand the value of the conference. Psychology conferences provide an opportunity for students, professionals and the like to hear what is happening in the field of psychology.

What Kinds of Psychology Conferences are Available?

There are conferences with a broad, generalizes scope of presentation that can be attended by psychologists of all specialties. There are also conferences designed for psychologists working and conducting research within highly specialized areas of the field. There are even student conferences that allow undergraduate and/or graduate students to present their research and findings to others in the field.

What Are The Benefits of Attending Psychology Conferences?

Attendance at one of the top psychology conferences has a wide range of benefits. In addition to the obvious benefit of learning what advances are occurring in the field, there are many other reasons to go. Conferences offer an excellent opportunity to both network and job hunt. These meetings provide a place to come together as professionals in the same field of study or practice. This creates opportunities to meet other psychologists and build relationships.

Five Great Psychology Conferences

These five conferences are among the very best in the United States:

American Psychological Association Annual Convention

Each year, the American Psychological Association (APA) hosts its Annual Convention at a city in the United States. These conventions are large events with professionals in attendance from a wide range of specialty areas. Students and professionals are invited to attend. In the months leading up to the event, there is a “call for paper and videos” where practitioners and researchers can submit their work for display. The 2016 convention will be held in Denver, Colorado from August 4th through the 7th.

International Neuropsychological Society 44th Annual Meeting

The International Neuropsychological Society (INS) was founded in 1967 as a “scientific and educational organization dedicated to enhancing communication among the scientific disciplines, which contribute to the understanding of brain-behavior relationships”. INS currently has more than 4,700 members throughout the world. Each year members of the society meet to discuss current trends and ongoing research in neuropsychology. The 2016 meeting will occur in Boston Massachusetts, on February 3rd through the 6th.

Undergraduate Psychology Research Conferences

At various locations throughout the United States, the APA supports conferences for undergraduate psychology students to share their findings. Undergraduate psychology research conferences offer students the opportunity to present their psychological research, network with other psychology students and faculty from across the country. These meetings are an important professional development opportunity for undergraduate students that may allow then to enhance their research experience and strengthen their credentials for graduate school. These conferences can be found at locations throughout the country.

APA State Leadership Conference

The annual State Leadership Conference is co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association (APA) and APA Practice Organization. This meeting offers an opportunity for psychological leaders to engage in advocacy efforts that are critical to the professional psychology. The 2016 meeting will occur from February 27th through March 1st in Washington, D.C.

APA Annual Division Conferences

The APA supports a large number of divisions, each one representing a specialty area in the field. Many of these divisions meet annually to discuss the research, changes and trends within that specialty area. Information on each individual annual division meeting can be found on the APA events calendar.