What Are the Best Research Resources for Psychology Students?

//What Are the Best Research Resources for Psychology Students?
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What Are the Best Research Resources for Psychology Students? 2015-06-13T14:57:15+00:00

Research is a critical element of almost all psychology educations. Whether you are enrolled as an undergraduate student in a general psychology program, or you are working on your doctoral degree in a highly specialized area of the field, you are familiar with the empirical scientific method. Research underlies the entire field of psychology and is what makes psychology a science. For some students understanding the scientific method is easy. They can plan, carry out, analyze and report psychological findings with ease. However, for a large number of students conducting research is unchartered territory. For these students there are a number of excellent online options to help plan, carry out, organize and analyze psychological research.

About Psychology: Psychology Experiments and Research Methods – This website is an excellent resource for psychology students who are interested in psychological research. Students can read about previously conducted studies or get ideas for your own research. This site helps students better understand how to read and analyze existing research as well as conduct their own research projects.

Google Correlate – This website allows users to create their own “correlation does not equal causation” experiments, with words instead of data. This can be a tricky topic, so the website works to simplify this complex topic. Almost all students struggle with this concept when it is first introduced as part of basic psychology curriculum. By having more concrete examples and explanations students can tackle this material much more easily.

List 25: 25 Mind Blowing Psychology Experiments…You Won’t Believe What’s Inside Your Head – A brief overview of 25 of the most interesting psychology studies ever conducted. While it may seem like a list of existing research is nothing more than a reading project, this is not the case. This website helps students understand the strengths and weaknesses of these studies. It helps them begin to think critically about research and ethics.

Online Psychology Laboratory (OPL) – OPL provides students and educators with interactive resources for the training of empirical psychological science. The data provided is all peer-reviewed materials, which include online studies and correlational studies, large data sets, demonstrations, teaching aids, extensive online Mental Health and Psychology Resources.

Psychological Research on the Net – This website is a comprehensive listing of research topics in psychology, including links to many of the articles. This is an excellent resource for both professional psychologists as well as students.

Ref Desk – A thorough online fact checking website for students and professionals.

Simple Psychology: Psychology Resource Methods – This website allows psychology students to have access to a variety of helpful research tools. Students can learn to conduct and evaluate psychological research.

These are just a few of the excellent research resources available online to psychology students. Students can use these tools when it comes time to evaluate, conduct, or participate in psychological research. By having these excellent websites and resources available, even the newest psychological researcher can become an expert in this area.