What Are the Best Test Preparation and Study Aids for Psychology Students

What Are The Best Test Preparation and Study Aids for Psychology Students?

One of the biggest areas of struggle for new college students is the adjustment to the style of test taking. While some high school students begin to understand the methods to prepare for midterms and finals, college takes this process to an even higher level. Even the best test taker will struggle at some point during their college experience. Fortunately for psychology students there are many different test preparation and study aid resources to help make this process easier than ever before. Some of the best include:

Coursehero.com – This is a large library of online study guides, tutors, prepared Flashcards, eCourses and more on a wide variety of Psychology concepts. This site can be accessed by computer or tablet so students can keep these excellent resources at the push of a button whenever and wherever.

Cram.com – An online resource for students who need a little extra help preparing for a midterm, test or final. This service allows students to create customized digitally based flashcards for more efficient test preparation.

Quizlet – This online resource takes learning and makes it fun. The many different options such as flashcards, tests, and study games make the learning process more fun and more engaging for students. Students can cater their “quiz to a number of areas of study to make the learning experience fully customized.

Spark Notes – Spark Notes has been in existence for a number of years and has evolved into a strong online presence. They offer notes, study guides, test preparation and a number of other helpful resources. There are many options for psychology students to take use for text preparation.

Study Hack – A blog based website that decodes the methods of studying and completing coursework that leads to the greatest success for students. This allows students to better understand study skills and test preparation.

Studymode.com – The is a website that builds upon a library of almost 2 million student-submitted course notes, research papers, essays, term papers, and book reports as well as professional supplied AP notes to help students with exams, and book notes to outline famous works.

Graduate Record Exams (GRE) Test Prep – The GRE’s are the standard test taken by Psychology Undergraduates who plan to pursue graduate training in the field. Educational Testing Services (ETS) offers study aids and guides for interested students. Students can use these resources to better prepare for the GRE General Test as well as the GRE subject test in Psychology.

Test taking does not have to be a chore when there are so many online resources available. Despite your ideal learning style, there is a website, app or resource that can cater to your study skills. Psychology students who take advantage of the many test preparation and study aids available online will see greater success in their education in the field of psychology.