What Are The Levels of Online Psychology Degree Programs?

Students interested in pursuing an online psychology degree have the advantage of being able to pursue degrees of all levels online. Whether you are just beginning your college journey or you are looking into your doctoral level degree, there is an online psychology degree that will suit your individual needs.

Online Psychology Certificate Programs

The first training level is the online psychology certificate. This certificate option is generally offered at the post-bachelor’s, post-master’s and doctorate level. Each of these certificate programs is designed to be flexible to allow students to continue their collegiate training while earning additional credentials to further specialize and enhance their career in psychology. Members of other professions can also gain a psychology certificate to further their training and understanding of how people think, act and feel. Many fields such as business, customer service, medicine and law can benefit from training in some of the specialized areas of psychology.

Online Associate’s Degree in Psychology

The next online training option is the associate’s degree in psychology. These are two-year training programs that train students for employment as entry-levels mental health technicians or further college training in psychology or a number of other fields.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology can be used in preparation for entry-level employment in psychology as well as other fields or for graduate training in a number of areas. There is both a bachelor of arts as well as a bachelor of science in psychology depending upon your career plans. Students who will likely pursue graduate training in Psychology or another scientifically based area of study will likely benefit more from the online bachelor of science degree in psychology.

Online Master’s Degree in Psychology

For students who hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology or other related areas, the nest academic step if to pursue a graduate degree. The online master’s in psychology is considered a terminal degree, leading to immediate employment in psychology or a related field. Some people will pursue a master’s degree as a part of their path to a doctoral degree, but this is the less common route.

Online Doctorate Degree in Psychology

For students planning on becoming a professional psychologist, a doctoral degree in psychology is a requirement. Students at the doctoral level can pursue either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). While the American Psychological Association does not grant accreditation to fully online doctoral training programs, there are several other reputable accrediting bodies that do accredit these programs.

An online psychology degree is a great step towards a career in psychology as well as many related fields, such as business, law, medicine, human resources, social services and many more. By having the flexibility of learning online, each student can maintain his or her busy lifestyle while working towards there degree. This makes a college degree even more obtainable for busy, working professionals. With online psychology degrees available at all levels, students at all levels can work towards the college degree of their dreams.