What Are The Pre-Requisites for an Online Psychology Degree?

Reputable colleges and universities set the same rigorous pre-requisites for an online psychology degree as would be required for an on campus degree. Standard pre-requisites depend on the degree sought, area of specialization and organization where one wants work. Psychology is a diverse discipline encompassing a wide range of conditions. Psychologists can specialize for such career choices as Youth/Elder Care; Personnel/Human Resources; Community/Volunteer Services; and Substance Abuse Services.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has a full listing plus several other options for those interested in pursuing a degree and career at www.apa.org.

What Are the Pre-requisites for an Undergraduate Psychology Degree?

High school is not too early to begin planning for a degree in psychology. Psychology is really a blending of two sciences: biology and sociology. High school courses in these subjects provide a strong background to begin post-secondary studies:
• Mathematics
• Biology, anatomy and chemistry
• Statistics
• Communications
• Economics
• Sociology
• Psychology

Degrees at the associate and/or bachelor’s level can be earned. Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree will have a choice of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The difference in the two degrees is usually the distribution of credits earned. A B.A. degree will have more credits earned from arts and the B.S. will have more credits earned from natural sciences. For example, a typical B.A. will have 30 credits from social science requirements, 15 credits in arts requirements and 9 credits in natural science requirements. A B.S. will also have 30 credits required in social sciences but 15 credits in natural sciences and 6 credits in arts requirements.

Entrance into the psychology program typically includes successful completion of freshman and sophomore years before applying to the program as a junior. General course requirements in math, English, history and government with a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average are typical requirements for the first two years.

What Are the Pre-Requisites for a Graduate Degree?

Graduate degrees are earned at the master’s or doctorate levels. Factors that are considered for admission to graduate programs include:
• Approved bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university
• Undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0
• Graduate Record Examination General Test
Doctoral candidates are advised to consult with individual colleges and universities for additional credentials that may be required.

What Institutions Hire Psychologists?

Psychologists are needed in a multitude of organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) these institutions hire the largest number of psychologists: Federal Government; Offices of Health Practitioners and Physicians; Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools; Medical and Surgical Hospitals; and Out-Patient Clinics.

Online Courses Require Special Equipment

In order to take online course your computer and internet equipment must be compatible with the equipment of the college or university. Browsers and internet services and a computer that has the capabilities to run the online classroom will be necessary. Some schools offer aid to make sure students possess compatible equipment and financial aid is also available.

An online degree is beneficial for working adults allowing them to continue working while pursuing their dream. Online degrees are as rigorous and respected as a degree earned on campus.