5 Careers for Applied Psychology Graduates

Applied Psychology Graduates: Top Careers

  • Health Psychologists
  • Career Counselors
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Research Psychologists

There are many great careers available to applied psychology graduates. Applied psychology is a flexible field that qualifies grads to work in healthcare, research, human resources, or education. While the career possibilities in the field of applied psychology are numerous, five of the most popular careers for students who have earned an applied psychology degree are discussed briefly in the following sections.

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1. Health Psychologists

One career that is ideal for applied psychology grads is that of a health psychologist. The main responsibilities of health psychologists are to diagnose and treat disorders affecting patients’ psychological health. They examine possible biological and neurological causes for such disorders and create treatment plans that align with identified causes. One of their primary goals is to increase their patients’ coping mechanisms to reduce chronic stress that can lead to psychological disorders. They often do this by teaching their patients relaxation and pain management techniques.

2. Career Counselors

Another terrific career choice for applied psychology graduates is to become a career counselor. By conducting personality tests and evaluating clients’ interests and abilities through the use of aptitude tests, career counselors help their clients find careers that will suit them best. Other common tasks that career counselors often perform include helping clients create educational paths that will help them achieve their career goals, helping clients overcome social issues that may hinder them from obtaining jobs, and helping clients locate and apply for jobs.

3. Clinical Psychologists

Becoming a clinical psychologist is also an excellent career choice for applied psychology grads. Clinical psychologists help clients identify behavioral and psychological issues that may be negatively affecting their lives. And through individual or group counseling as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, they help their clients overcome their problems. These positions pay quite well, with an average salary of $85,340 during the year 2018 according to statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Department of Labor.

4. School Psychologists

School psychologists are also among some of the most popular careers for graduates with applied psychology degrees. Sometimes referred to as school counselors or guidance counselors, school psychologists are responsible for a broad range of tasks including counseling students with social or emotional problems, helping students deal with bullying, helping students increase academic progress, and working with parents to create effective educational plans for their children. They are also often responsible for creating learning programs, administering psychological tests, and counseling parents on effective parenting techniques.

5. Research Psychologists

Perhaps some of the most important careers for people with applied psychology degrees are those involving psychological research. Research psychologists conduct surveys and interviews to determine the effectiveness of various treatment methods for psychological issues. They may also conduct controlled experiments to determine the effectiveness of new treatment methods. Because a great deal of time in these careers is devoted to organizing and analyzing data, persons who choose this career path must enjoy working with numbers.

Applied psychology is a great field for students who would like to help people overcome their psychological issues. There are many terrific careers for applied psychology graduates, and the five careers that are discussed above all pay quite well and are very popular today.