5 Minors that Pair Well with a Psychology Major

good minors for psychology majors

Minors for Undergrad Psychology Majors

  • Spanish
  • Women’s Studies
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social Work

Students applying to college and those already enrolled in a university program can look at the top minors that pair well with a psychology major to get an idea of what they can study. Minors usually only require that students take three to five classes in a subject area. Students can take classes that interest them such as ceramics or film studies, but they can also pick a minor that will help them when they look for work in the field.


One of the top choices for students today is a minor in Spanish. As the number of people who speak Spanish in the nation rises, hospitals and other facilities will have a need for professionals who can speak to patients in that language without relying on an interpreter. Those who open their own counseling firms and centers can advertise as bilingual counselors and provide help to patients who have few options. Students can major in other foreign languages too.

Women’s Studies

Most colleges now offer a women’s studies minor that combines both gender and sexuality studies into the same program. This is a good minor for psychology majors because it allows them to learn about the struggles that minority groups face. These programs often look at the issues surrounding transgender people in America and those who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Students planning on practicing psychology and working with patients can identify with their struggles during counseling sessions. Many of these patients want to know that their doctors and counselors care about where they come from and the problems they experience.


Marketing may not seem like a popular choice for psychology majors, but it allows students to learn about the ways in which companies market to customers. They can use those skills to market their practices later or to form strong connections with their patients. Psychology majors may also decide to work in industrial and organizational psychology or in the business sector. They can use their skills in the marketing departments of companies to help them find ways to reach their customer bases.


No matter what area of psychology a student wants to work in, that individual must have strong communication skills and the ability to communicate with others. During a therapy session, a patient may have a difficult time opening up and talking about their past experiences, which is the key to moving forward. Psychology professionals must know how to help those patients move on as they discuss the past. They’ll also need strong communication skills because they will work with other counselors and professionals who make up the patient’s treatment team.

Social Work

Psychology majors can minor in either sociology or social work. Though each state has different standards for social workers, most states allow students to work in this field without a full social work degree. The median wage for social workers today is close to $50,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When they minor in social work, students have the chance to learn about the tasks that the workers do and the clients they work within the field and in their offices. They also learn how to identify signs of neglect or abuse.

College students can select both majors and minors. Instead of choosing a double major, they can get experience in two different fields with a major and a minor. The top minors that pair well with a psychology major include social work, marketing, communications, women’s and gender studies and Spanish.