Five Podcasts Every Mental Health Professional Should Listen To

podcasts for mental health professionals

Five Must-Listen Podcasts for Mental Health Professionals

  • Hidden Brain
  • Mental Illness Happy Hour
  • We All Wear It Differently
  • Practice of the Practice
  • The Social Work Podcast

As our knowledge of mental illness and disorders grows, the mental health industry is growing at an exceedingly rapid rate. More and more people seek out the help of a mental health professional with every passing year.

As the field evolves, so too do the tools available to mental health professionals to keep abreast of their field, learn about and develop new treatments, and stay on top of new diagnoses – like blogs, video courses, and podcasts. Here are five must-listen podcasts for mental health professionals.

Hidden Brain

Hosted by National Public Radio correspondent Shankar Vedantam, Hidden Brain is a podcast focusing on the everyday behaviors and habits of people and groups, and explores how these seemingly unnoticed factors influence and shape broader behavior patterns and social dynamics. Hidden Brain is also the title of a book on this topic written by Vedantam. The podcast is available through the NPR website.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Dedicated to mental illness sufferers, the Mental Illness Happy Hour is hosted by Paul Gilmartin, who discusses his own suffering with depression and, previously, alcoholism. Gilmartin hosts a broad range of guests on the podcast, from a broad range of people who suffer from mental illnesses or disorders to those who work in the mental health industry as counselors, therapists, psychologists, and others. Mental Illness Happy Hour is available via the MentalPod website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

We All Wear It Differently

Dedicated specifically to practicing psychologists, We All Wear It Differently features a variety of guests who are veterans in their field. The podcast is aimed at advising and boosting the confidence of psychologists new to the field, as well as to offer new insights and motivation to those who already have years of practice under their belt, via stories and anecdotes of success and joy within the field of psychology.

Practice of the Practice

Hosted by Joe Sanok, Practice of the Practice is a podcast specifically for mental health professionals running or participating in a private practice. From tips and tricks for managing client lists and daily organization to managing licensing and clinical finance, the podcast features discussion of the ethics of private practice, consultation, and appropriately marketing private practices.

The Social Work Podcast

The Social Work Podcast addresses all things social work, including research, everyday practice, and continuing education. Hosted by Jonathan Singer, a huge range of topics are discussed from the impact of neuroscience on social work to entering the practice of social work abroad. The Social Work Podcast is available via both iTunes and Stitcher.

Each of these podcasts represents a different facet of the mental health industry and addresses a range of different topics of interest to mental health professionals as a whole – and each can assist the mental health professional in growing their understanding of their field, as well as their practice, now and for years to come.