Five Psychology Jobs for Thrill-Seekers

jobs for thrill seekers

If you want to work in the psychology field but can’t quite picture yourself happy with ever-predictable days and office monotony, perhaps a psychology job for the thrill-seeker at heart is the perfect career choice. Believe it or not, there are actually quite numerous positions in the psychology field that bring the practitioner out of the predictable, same-old office structure. To learn more, read on as we cover some of the best examples of the world’s truly exciting psychology jobs.

Forensic Psychologist

The thrill-seeking psychology practitioner may find great content here, decoding the criminal mind as a forensic psychologist. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is this professional that applies “their knowledge of human behavior and thought processes in a variety of legal contexts.” Furthermore, the BLS states, “Examples include determining a defendant’s mental competency, helping to develop a suspect’s psychological profile, or assessing a witness’s credibility” ( If it’s excitement you are after, analyzing the often spontaneous and quite mysterious minds of criminals via analyzing all evidence left by them is a sure bet.

Experimental Psychologist

The title practically says it all: experimental psychologist. This is, no doubt, an exciting and atypical type of psychology career. What types of experiments, though, might one expect to be involved in while working at this capacity?

As an experimental psychologist, one may be called upon to work on any type of subject, material, goals, hypotheses, or under any other defining parameters as required by their employer. Example employers of such psychologists are universities, research centers, and the military. Some employers may facilitate similar testing and thus uses for their experimental psychologists, while others employers may completely stand alone in their experimental endeavors.

Art Therapist

Art therapists provide yet another vocational example of the psychology job that is above-average in its potential, day-to-day thrill and spontaneity levels. In this position, the psychology professional uses art as a medium for client expression and therapy. In this realm, subject matter can change and all types of emotions be brought out by way of the art form being utilized. Work with a sandbox, paints, clay, and all sorts of other artistic media each and every day. Administratively, however, this professional will take on some duties such as creating treatment plans, summary reports, and keeping up with ever-evolving, modern technique(

Consumer Psychologist

Today’s consumer psychologist also has a great propensity for experiencing anything but just another day at the office. As a consumer psychologist, the central goal is to accurately come to an understanding of consumer sentiments and reactions with regard to products and services offered to them. These products and services can involve just about anything, and as a result, can provide for all types of spontaneous and non-sleep inducing work experiences. Such psychologists are mainly employed by the private sector.

Hiring Authority

At many organizations in which employee integrity, psychological state, and background history are paramount, there are hiring authorities that comb-over job applicants. These deep investigative practices are performed by that organization’s hiring authorities – most typically found within the HR department. Some of the most intense and private information will be reviewed, and it is the organization’s hiring authorities that consider it all and make a final determination with regard to employability. Boredom here is generally not included.

When it comes to jobs in the psychology field, there truly are plenty out there to choose from. However, this list does significantly diminish when excitement and atypical days are your preference. Regardless, the opportunities in psychology jobs for thrill-seekers out there are quite abundant if you know specifically the position that you’re looking for.

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