Can I Obtain a Graduate Degree in Psychology Online?

Can I Obtain a Graduate Degree in Psychology Online

With a rise in online graduate psychology degree programs becoming available, obtaining a Master’s or even Doctorate degree online is now a possibility. With reputable universities allowing students to complete coursework partially or completely online, this option allows those with time constraints to earn the degree they wish to complete.

Online Graduate Psychology Programs

According to US New and World Report, there are over 25 Online Psychology Graduate Degree Programs earning a score of four or more in their ranking system. With hundreds of universities offering online graduate programs in Psychology, the options for specialization, programs and specific focus are limitless. Whether you want to pursue a degree in School Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology or one of the many specialties within the field, you have a variety of options for online programs.

Online Graduate Psychology Degrees

Whether you are looking to pursue a Master’s of Science, Master’s of Arts or Doctoral degree there are programs for each career path. In the past, obtaining an online graduate degree was considered a sub-par education. As the respect of online education has grown so too has the reputation of online degrees. Most professional psychologists hold graduate degrees that are earned online in the same esteem as a traditional graduate education.

Online Psychology Degree Curriculum

Earning an online Graduate Psychology degree requires dedication and commitment. With specifically designed course work and a fast paced learning style this type of learning is geared for those individuals who are self-motivated. This type of degree is best suited for individuals who understand that the program will be just as demanding as a traditional education. More and more online programs are adhering to the same standards of curriculum as traditional graduate psychology programs. The same courses are being offered and required by both types of programs. In many cases the same instructors are teaching both the online and on campus sections of the same course.

Accreditation for Online Graduate Psychology Programs

Many individuals who are interested in earning an online Graduate Degree in Psychology worry that their degree may not be as highly respected as their counterparts earning a degree in the classroom. Fortunately, the American Psychological Association (APA) has created a system of accreditation for both traditional as well as online Graduate Programs of Psychology. Accreditation is a voluntary process where Psychology programs can apply for formal accreditation. The APA will then evaluate the specific program and decide whether they fulfill the criteria for official accreditation. This process can be a huge benefit for potential Online Psychology Graduate Program candidates. They can use this process to choose which schools are held in the highest regard. This will increase the chances that their online psychology degree will be as respected as a traditional graduate degree.

With the reputation of online graduate degrees on the rise, it is an optimal time to obtain these degrees. For years busy individuals could not manage a job, a family, a busy life and a graduate education. Now these people have the unique opportunity to further their career on their own schedule. With universities across the country offering online graduate psychology degrees, this is a viable option for many future psychologists and counselors.