What Are The Options for Obtaining an Online Psychology Degree While Enlisted?

Every United States military branch employs psychologists to treat service members. Whether you become a military psychologist or practice as a civilian when your military duty is over, you can earn your online psychology degree taking advantage of special programs for the military.

SOCAD College Help

Many online colleges comply with SOCAD, the program that interfaces with schools to allow credits for Army training and service. This program is supported by the American Council on Education. It works with accredited schools to give enlisted students flexibility in the time it takes to complete degrees, and assure that a maximum number of their credits will transfer between colleges. This program is directed at people intending to have military careers, giving students the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree their first term of enlistment.

Military-Friendly Schools

There are several online schools like the University of Phoenix which are military-friendly. They offer special tuition to active duty military and their spouses. They also offer credit for military training and award a full-time status to enlisted students while they take only one or two classes at a time. This is important because many financial aid programs are available only to full-time students. Psychology degrees, whether military or civilian, require the same course load. This is because psychologists face the same licensing and certification procedures everywhere. The online component allows military students to access their classes wherever they are deployed. However, because each branch of the military has unique training, students should know what direction their careers are heading to help them choose the right school and education.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

According to the Army website “Go Army.com,” the Army considers itself the biggest university in the world. Other service branches have similar views of themselves; all have ROTC programs that offer scholarships. The Army platform is the Health Professional Scholarships Program. This scholarship pays 100 percent of tuition for a graduate program. The scholarship may also cover books and fees. Beside this, active service people receive $2000 monthly to help with living expenses. The student must serve one year for every year that they received the assistance, except for psychology students who must agree to serve a minimum of three years. They must also meet the requirements to be an officer in the Army because, upon graduation, they enter active duty as a captain. Another scholarship program offered by the Department of Defense is described in an article at “Get Educated.com.” the Military Tuition Assistance Program is available to active-duty military personnel. It pays up to $250 per credit or a maximum of $4500 a year. The article states that, with that help, it is possible for a service person to get an online degree free of cost.

People who serve their country in the military deserve considerations when they decide to further their educations. Online degrees are a great way to get a head start on college while on active duty. Taking advantage of the many options for financing study and for transferring credits, you can get an online degree to practice psychology in or out of the military.