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Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs in Kentucky – N-T

Throughout the state of Kentucky and the rest of the United States, Online Learning has revolutionized the collegiate learning atmosphere. Some of the biggest barriers to earning a college degree have included:

  • Lack of Time
  • Inflexible Learning Formats
  • Lack of Money
  • Inability to find the course offerings you need to suit your schedule

With the dramatic rise of online learning, all of these barriers can be taken down. Online Learning is designed to be completed at the learner’s pace. Students who have jobs, families and other responsibilities, can fit their course work into their schedule. With so many different online options, students can choose a format that fits their unique needs. In many cases, students have access to the same financial aid and scholarship opportunities as they would on campus. One of the biggest luxuries is the ability to find the classes you need, when you need them. No more additional semesters because your final course is not being offered.

Northern Kentucky University

The College of Arts and Sciences

Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is a public, coeducational university located Highland Heights, Kentucky. The university is considered an undergraduate, liberal arts college. However, there are a growing number of graduate programs available. Student enrollment is now over 15,000, with about 13,000 undergraduate students and more than 2,000 graduate students. NKU is the third-largest university of Greater Cincinnati’s four large, four-year universities. It is the youngest of Kentucky’s eight state universities. In 2015, US News & World Report ranked NKU as the 70th best college or university in the Southern Region of the United States as well as the #31 Top Public School. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at NKY. It consists of 13 departments. It supports over 100 degree options across the many undergraduate minors and majors as well as graduate programs. Graduates from CAS programs are adequately prepared for a variety of careers and graduate degree paths.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree Program is an excellent option for students who have an interest in the field but may not be certain they will pursue graduate training in Psychology. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) programs must complete the same core curriculum and the same number of elective courses. Students pursuing a BA must complete two additional foreign language courses, or study abroad. Students in either program are eligible to participate in the Honors in Psychology (HIP) Program. This program is designed to help psychology majors develop the necessary skills to assist in both graduate school and future careers. HIP students work with a psychological science faculty members to design, conduct, analyze, and report the results of an original empirical study. To be eligible for the program, students need to have:

  • Completed at least 45 credit hours
  • Earned a minimum grade of B in PSY 100, STA 205, PSY 210, and PSY 210L, and
  • Achieved a 3.5 overall GPA

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Students pursuing the BS in Psychology Degree must complete three additional math or lab courses in addition to the core curriculum. The instructional goals, as outlined by the Department are the following. They are derived in part from the goals recommended by the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Undergraduate Psychology Major Competencies:

  • Knowledge base in psychology – An emphasis on teaching the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical and contemporary trends in psychology
  • Research methods in psychology – The fostering of students’ understanding and application of basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation
  • Critical thinking skills in psychology – Training students to respect and use the scientific approach, critical and creative thinking, and skeptical inquiry to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes.
  • Application of psychology – Students are encouraged to understand and apply principles of psychological science to personal, social, and organizational issues.
  • Values in Psychology – Students learn to weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and reflect the values underpinning psychology as a discipline.
  • Multicultural and international awareness – Focus on students’ recognition, understanding, and respect for the complexity of multicultural and international diversity.
  • Communication skills – Students learn to communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
  • Information and technological literacy – Students learn to acquire information competence and to use computers and other technology for many purposes.
  • Career Planning and Development – Students develop realistic ideas about how to implement their psychological knowledge, skills, and values in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)

Northern Kentucky University
The College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychological Science
MEP 301
Northern Kentucky University
Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099
Jeff Smith, Ph.D. – Department Chair
Office – MEP 319
(859) 572-5317
Email: smithj@nku.edu
Program Website

Pikeville College

The College of Arts and Sciences – The Division of Social Sciences

The University of Pikeville (UPIKE) is a private, liberal arts university. The university is located in Pikeville, Kentucky. The Presbyterian Church founded the university in 1889 and the affiliation remains strong to this day. The university offers Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees through its six academic divisions and one medical college. It enrolls more than 2,300 students. The University is the leading higher education institution in Central Appalachia. It remains dedicated to the commitment to “preparing students for the future while creating intellectual, cultural and economic opportunities for Appalachia. Maintaining our commitment to Christian principles, UPIKE recognizes the infinite worth of each person, respecting a variety of religious expressions.” The Division of Social Sciences offers training, engages in scholarly discourse in a variety of fields. It serves the university and its programs. The Division:

  • introduces students to various branches of knowledge
  • offers the necessary skills to use that knowledge
  • assists students in properly using the body of knowledge.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology attempts to give meaning to human behavior and mental processes. The field is multifaceted, addressing topics as diverse as:

  • human physiology
  • interpersonal relationships
  • emotions
  • motivations
  • group dynamics
  • learning and mental disorders

The psychology program at the University of Pikeville bridges the chasm between humanistic and scientific inquiries. Students are provided the opportunity to explore such fascinating topics as:

  • personality
  • dreams
  • lifespan development
  • psychopathology
  • social psychology
  • learning and cognition
  • memory, myths and archetypes
  • research methodology
  • psychology of religion
  • psychology in law.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The psychology curriculum at the University of Pikeville explores such topics as:

  • the behavior of individuals in groups
  • personality
  • human development from infancy through old age
  • mental disorders
  • learning and cognition
  • memory
  • dreams and archetypes
  • research methodology
  • the psychology of religion
  • the physiological mechanisms of behavior
  • psychology in law
  • educational psychology
  • With such a diverse array of knowledge at their disposal, the University of Pikeville graduates who majored in psychology have a wealth of employment opportunities. Many students go on to a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology or a related field. With a doctoral degree, students can pursue a career in research or practice in a number of different sub-fields of psychology.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)

Pikeville College
The College of Arts and Sciences
The Division of Social Sciences
Nancy Cade – Chair, Division of Social Sciences
147 Sycamore Street
Pikeville, Kentucky 41501
(606) 218-5007
E-Mail: NancyCade@upike.edu
Program Website

Saint Catharine College

The School of Health Sciences

St. Catharine College is a private, Roman Catholic, Liberal Arts College located near Springfield, Kentucky. The college has an enrollment of almost 900 students, with about 290 students living on campus. The school was founded as the St. Catharine Junior College and continues to be sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. St. Catharine is proud to be among the leading private colleges in the country known for “innovative academic and student development programs, the spirited loyalty of alumni and the contribution of its graduates to society”. All students and faculty at St. Catharine College strive to live the four pillars of Dominican life:

  1. Prayer: by growing in a spiritual relationship with God, self, others and all of creation
  2. Study: by seeking truth and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit within a liberal arts education, as life-long learners
  3. Ministry: by providing opportunities to offer and share talents at the service of others
  4. Community: by creating an atmosphere where mutual respect and concern are experienced daily

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree program exposes students to an interdisciplinary blend of empirically founded science and practitioner-based applied science. The cutting-edge classroom approach includes classes that act as mock therapy sessions. Students can explore different therapy modalities through methods such as role-playing, as well as reading primary research findings and small group projects within the community. Psychology majors are given the chance to complete a research project of their own design. This is excellent preparation for graduate school. Some of the strengths and special program highlights include:

  • Classes sizes are no more than 28 students to offer full participation and extensive interaction with instructors
  • The program offers a good balance between research-based science and applied science courses
  • The program has a strong human service approach that provides excellent training for those who enter the counseling field
  • Instructors will help students find internships if they are interested in pursuing this option
  • Students have opportunities to try out concepts they’ve learned in class through group activities and research conducted in the outside world
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the St. Catharine College Psychology Club.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)

Saint Catharine College
The School of Health Sciences
2735 Bardstown Rd
St Catharine, KY 40061
(859) 336-5082 ‪ ‪ ‬‬‬‬
E-Mail: laurenbuckman@sccky.edu
Program Website

Spalding University

The School of Professional Psychology

Spalding University is a private, co-educational university in Louisville, Kentucky affiliated with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. The school was established in 1814 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and was named after Mother Catherine Spalding, the founding member of the Sisters. In 1920, the Sisters opened Nazareth College in Louisville, Kentucky’s first, four-year, Catholic college for women, with a merger of two colleges. In 2015, US News & World Report named Spalding the 181st best National University. The University’s School of Professional Psychology offers many options for students interested in serving others in the face of varying complexities of human experience. Most faculty are licensed clinical psychologists currently in practice. They work closely with the student body focusing on:

  • current theory
  • research
  • applications in the field

Students enrolled in psychology get important interpersonal connections with full-time faculty, individualized mentoring and advising. Class sizes are intentionally small and offered in a flexible scheduling format.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology Degree Program is offered in both a traditional format and an adult accelerated program format. The BA in psychology curriculum focuses on investigating and understanding human behavior and how to apply this information in a variety of sub-fields of psychology. This program prepares graduates for a variety of career options, as well as graduate study in psychology. Students who earn their degree through the Adult Accelerated Program (AAP) format may complete their curricular requirements on the weekends or in evening sessions. The curriculum and requirements are identical for both formats. After completing either  undergraduate programs, students are adequately prepared to enter the workforce or to pursue graduate training in psychology or related fields. The rigorous curriculum and strong faculty help students acquire the skills in psychological research and the empirical methods so they are ready for graduate school.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)

Spalding University
The School of Professional Psychology
845 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40203
(502) 585-7111
E-Mail: admissions@spalding.edu
Program Website

Thomas More College

The Psychology Department

Thomas More College is a small Liberal Arts College located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. The school is tied to the Roman Catholic Church. About 1,900 full and part-time students are currently enrolled. In 1921, the college was founded by the local Benedictine Sisters as Villa Madonna College. Originally, the College was formed to train Catholic school teachers and to provide a college education for young women. The college was eventually chartered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1923. In 1929, Villa Madonna graduated its first students and became the official college of the Diocese of Covington. It was not until 1968 that the college was renamed Thomas More College. In 2015, US News & World Report ranked Thomas More as the 49th best college or university in the Southern Region of the United States and the 16th best College for Veterans. The Psychology Department offers undergraduate training for students interested in learning more about human behavior and what underlies it. Upon graduation from the undergraduate program, students are prepared for both entry-level careers as well as graduate training in a variety of areas.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree program is an excellent choice for students with interested in human behavior. Psychology majors study:

  • normal and abnormal behavior
  • learning
  • development
  • cognition
  • how to conduct empirical research in psychology

Students benefit from intentionally small classes, usually less than 25 students. There are a variety of internship opportunities at local hospitals or businesses. While in this program students also have the opportunity to conduct and present research at an undergraduate conference. They can also engage in service projects related to their major. Some of the additional highlights of this program include:

  • Thomas More College Sponsors Psychology Research Conference. The College is a co-sponsor of the Annual Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference (MAUPRC). Each year Psychology majors present research papers and poster sessions during a day-long meeting of research and guest speakers.
  • Psychology Curriculum. The psychology curriculum meets all 10 goals identified by the Task Force on Undergraduate Psychology Major Competencies of the American Psychology Association.
  • Faculty Attention.  The majority of psychology courses are taught by full-time Ph.D. faculty who are also the academic advisors for all psychology majors.
  • Internships and Research Experiences.  Each year psychology majors have the opportunity to do internships at local hospitals, businesses, and research facilities.
  • Psi Chi National Honor Society and the Psychology Club.  These two groups work together to co-host a number of events.
  • Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA) Academic Conference & Psychology Bowl. The KPA Academic Conference provides students an opportunity to present their research, learn about career paths, and participate in Psych Bowl. Psych Bowl is a Jeopardy-style contest in which students from Kentucky colleges and universities compete to answer questions from all areas of psychology.
  • Community Service Projects and Service Learning. Psychology majors are active in a variety of community service projects.
  • Prospective students have the chance to visit the Psychology Department, attend a class, have lunch with current Psychology majors and learn more about the program.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)

Thomas More College
The Department of Psychology
Dr. Kathie Langen – Professor and Chairperson
(859) 344-3303
E-Mail: Kathie.Langen@thomasmore.edu
Program Website

The many colleges and universities throughout Kentucky offer interested students a variety of opportunities to earn their Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. With a steady rise in the amount of learning being completed online, more students are able to enter college. Limitations like a full-time career, a family, and other obligations are no longer the barrier they used to be. These are simply factors around which to build a college career. Students can choose online programs that allow them to learn when, where and how they want. This means that students can make their college education experience work even better for their academic and personal needs. With such excellent options, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in Kentucky is a start to a new and exciting career.

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