What Are The Top Five Jobs With An Undergraduate Psychology Degree?

psychology undergraduate jobs

Psychology is one of the strongest and largest majors at many colleges and universities across the United States. However, many estimates state that as few as 25 percent of psychology undergraduate students pursue a graduate degree in Psychology. Additionally, similar studies have found that only 25 percent of psychology undergraduate degree program graduates pursue a career in a field related to psychology. Therefore, there is a vast range of positions individuals can pursue with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. We will be evaluating the top five positions, related to the study and practice of psychology, for individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Top Five Positions with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology:

  1. Psychiatric Technician – This area of employment includes positions such as psychiatric technicians, mental health technicians, and social work assistants. These professionals typically work directly under the supervision and direction of a licensed clinical psychologist or licensed social worker. The responsibilities of this position include assisting patients with their daily needs, aiding in life skills, conducting therapy sessions and completing case management tasks.
  2. Research Assistant – This area of employment is also rzeferred to as a Laboratory Assistant. This field is an excellent choice for those with an interest in research and experimental psychology. Some of the potential places of employment might include university psychology programs, government agencies, and private sector businesses that study human behavior. Holding a position as a research assistant is a great addition to an application to graduate school when the time is right.
  3. Career Counselor – This is a field that is ideal for those people who like helping others and aspires to help individuals discover their full potential. These positions involve helping individuals select a career that suits their needs and strengths, assisting people throughout the process of changing careers, or providing vocational rehabilitation to people returning to the workforce. Another great sub-area of Career Counseling is counseling disabled adults who need skills training, job search help, on-the-job training, as well as regular workplace supervision.
  4. Social Services Specialist – Another great area of employment with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is the many career opportunities working in the social services sector for government agencies or non-profit organizations. Some of these positions include helping people locate psychological resources in their community, providing counseling services directly to clients, as well as other necessary types of case management services.
  5. Case Manager – A final position to consider is the field of Case management. This is a collaborative process between mental health professionals and clients including assessment, development, facilitation, direct care management, evaluation, and advocacy for the services that will best meet the needs of an individual or family. Case Managers must keep in mind the comprehensive mental and physical health needs of individuals and families through direct communication and resources that are available from outside resources to better reach positive outcomes.

The reason this list is so important is for those individuals who have earned their degree in Psychology and hope to remain in the field. Many students cannot directly enter Graduate Programs for a number of reasons. These positions allow graduates to hold relevant positions in the field until the time at which they can pursue their graduate studies.

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