What Are Some of the Best Entry-Level Psychology Jobs?

//What Are Some of the Best Entry-Level Psychology Jobs?
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What Are Some of the Best Entry-Level Psychology Jobs? 2016-01-15T17:22:49+00:00

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at many colleges and universities throughout the United States. Despite the popularity, it also have a reputation for being a major that will require years of graduate study just to find a job. While a master’s or doctoral degree is a must for those planning to pursue a career in professional psychology or counseling, there are a number of excellent entry-level positions in the field. This allows the student the ability to work while either pursuing graduate studies or consider their next move.

Some of the Top Entry-Level Psychology Positions Include:

Research Assistant

A Research Assistant is a great position for those students who plan to further their studies in the field of psychology (or a related field). Many graduate programs in psychology see those with research experience as a significant plus. Because graduate psychology programs are strongly based in research, having significant experience in this area makes you a more attractive candidate for graduate programs. By working in the field of research, you will also gain the important skills of research planning, implementation, data analysis and report writing.

Psychiatric Technician

Another excellent entry-level position is a psychiatric technician. These technicians work in medical or mental health facilities as a part of a team. They are responsible for providing therapeutic care to patients, including observing behavior, administering treatment or medications, listening to patient concerns and aiding in the process of entering a facility or being discharged. This is a position that fits well regardless of whether you plan to pursue graduate training.

Rehabilitation Specialist

Those who plan to earn their master’s or doctoral degree, as well as those who will use their bachelor’s degree as a terminal degree can fill the position of rehabilitation specialist. These specialists work in substance abuse and other rehabilitation facilities and work directly with patients to provide care. They make observations, provide care, administer medications as needed and provide supportive services as prescribed by a doctor. They are an important part of the rehabilitation process.

Human Services Caseworker

Throughout the country there are thousands of positions available as caseworkers and managers in various human services facilities and agencies. Human services caseworkers manage cases, services and patients to ensure that they receive the assistance and services needed. This can include regular meetings with patients, appointment scheduling, meeting with other members of a team of caregivers and management and scheduling of services. These caseworkers are a very important part of a mental health care team.

Career Counselor

The final career on this list is a career counselor. These are highly skilled professionals who help individuals make choices about their optimal career. They help guide students towards programs of study and career options. They may also work with those already in the field who are looking to change their career. They use a large number of resources to help those in need find a career that suits their needs.