What Jobs in Healthcare Could I Obtain With an Online Psychology Degree?

Are you planning on majoring in psychology? Are you setting your sights towards earning your degree in psychology online? Before you starting submitting your application for admissions to all of the most reputable online schools with degrees in psychology, you need to be sure that you understand which careers in the field will be open to you with your online degree. 

Distance education has come a long way, and many times online degree programs offer virtually the same curriculum without requiring students to study in the classroom environment. You must consider what you would like to do after you graduate and whether or not an online degree will let you select a career that is high in demand before you start your college student career so that you do not waste valuable time taking courses that will not count towards your degree. Read on and learn about the various types of careers you can pursue when you have an online psychology degree.

Psychology Career Paths That Are High in Demand in Today’s Market

Psychology is a large field with several different subsets and interdisciplinary fields that combine psychology with other fields. As you are determining which degree program to take, you should also consider your employment prospects. There is a surprising amount of variability in degree options online, and you will need to decide on the level and the major that coordinates well with the employment prospect that interests you. Here are some of the many career paths in the field that you may be able to take with your online psychology degree:

School Psychologist 

The demand for psychologists in the education arena exceeds the qualified candidates that are in the field. Because of this, school psychology offers opportunities to the right professionals. With an online Master’s degree in clinical psychology, you may be able to provide psychological assessments to students under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Other states require you to have a Ph.D., which can also be obtained online through some schools along with a face-to-face residency.


Counselors can specialize in family, marriage, emotional, and substance abuse issues, and can work in social or healthcare settings. Becoming a licensed counselor involves being licensed in the state where you will practice. In most states, an online Master’s from an accredited university will help you satisfy state licensing requirement to be a licensed counselor.

Forensic Psychology 

Forensic Psychology is where law and psychology meet. The interdisciplinary field is becoming a new trend and shows potential for growth in the employee marketplace. While an online Bachelor’s degree can help you get your foot in the door in the criminal justice arena, a graduate and advanced level degree is a common requirement.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology 

Corporations and governments have put a strong focus on workplace productivity and recruiting the best workers. This area of psychology is about assessing employees, training the employees efficiently, and evaluating during the recruiting process. If you would like to work in this area of applied Psychology, you will need a Master’s or Doctoral degree, which you can attain online.

There are several different career options that you can take, and knowing all of your options will help you select the best degree program. Be sure to research the institutions, know the programs and how they differ, and start working towards a better future.

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