5 Jobs for Psychology Graduates in Non-Profit Organizations

non profit psychology organizations

There are so many options for your career path when you graduate with a degree in psychology. You don’t have to sit in an office while asking people how they feel. Psychology degrees are one of the most flexible types of degrees that lend themselves to a variety of career paths. With effective communication, ability to research, ethical decision making and self awareness skills, the psychology major is well-equipped to deal with many types of careers.

Career Counselor

There are many non-profit organizations that work with under-served communities to help them finish high school and head off to college. Victims of domestic violence often have the need for a career counselor as they cope with being a single parent. A psychology degree helps graduates understand the mindset of students as well as their social and emotional needs.

Grant Writer

A grant writer is fully immersed in the organization to understand all its needs in order to write a request for grants from various organizations. Funding can come from a variety sources, and the grant writer has to know how to manage deadlines as well as grant writing expectations for each funder. This kind of position requires the ability to research and how to write a proposal that will win grants. Many grants need to be written to relate the program budget to the grant narrative. This takes an ability to see the grand picture and appeal to the funder with an emotional story.

Case Management

The case manager with a degree in psychology will be able to relate directly to clients of the organization. In some cases, they’ll supervise others within their unit and provide leadership. This kind of position relies heavily on the ability to communicate with their clients and advocate on their behalf. This type of human service position requires compassion and problem-solving skills.

Education Leader

An education leader will inspire and motivate both students and the teachers who are under their supervision. They work in the non profit realm helping students who have special needs. There are a variety of organizations that appeal to the psychology major like autism groups. In order to find a special education organization, you can join an association like the National Association of Special Education Teachers or peruse a site like Care.com, which lists special needs organizations.


A person who takes part in fundraising for a non-profit organization will have special skills that come from a degree in psychology. They must be able to communicate clearly and passionately about the cause. A great skills to have is the ability to motivate others to take action. That comes from understanding psychology and honing in on what makes an individual or organization reach into their pocket for donations.

A graduate with a psychology degree is much needed in the field of non profits. They’ll be able to apply all the skills and knowledge they’ve learned in school to a cause that provides help to those who desperately need it. Whether it’s effective fundraising, grant writing or working with clients in the community, a psychology degree is a solid foundation to providing valuable services for those in need.

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