What Are The Best Online Text and Publication Services for Psychology Students?

One of the biggest expenses that many students report is the rising cost of textbooks. For students in certain majors, textbooks can cost over a thousand dollars each year. One of the ways that students can offset the rising textbook cost is to use online textbook and publication services. These are services that students can use to reduce their cost. Some of these are free services offering articles, books, etc. online at no cost. Others are low cost rental or subscription services that can be paid per use or for monthly rates.

Full Text Articles for Psychology Students

There is a range of online services that offer full text articles to psychology students at low or no cost. Some include:

About Education: Full Text Psychology Journals – This free service offered by the About.com Education site allows students to access a wide range of psychology journal articles.

APA PsychArticles – This online service allows students to access thousands of psychology articles from anywhere they have Internet access. Students can pay per article or buy 24 hours of unlimited article access.

Rental and Low Cost Textbook Options for Psychology Students

There are also many rental and low cost purchase options for students who prefer to have a hard copy of their textbook. Some of these include:

Chegg.com – One of the most money saving trends that occurred for students in the past ten years is the creation of textbook rental services. Chegg.com is the leader in textbook rentals and recently the company has branched out to offer note taking and homework assistance.

Amazon Textbooks – The online leader has created a division that rents, sells, and buys used textbooks.

Course Smart – The leader in etextbooks and Digital Course materials makes college cheaper and more accessible for psychology students.

Online Publication Services for Psychology Students

Psychology students can also take advantage of the many online services, apps and websites that can help meet their publication and textbook needs, including:

Internet Public Library – The Internet Public Library (IPL) is an online reference service offering free dictionaries and encyclopedias, books, magazines and newspapers.

Questia.com – The Online Questia library contains full textbooks and journal articles as well as writing help and research assistance. Students can enroll as an annual member (just under $100), a semester user (4 months for just under $50) or a monthly member (just under $20).

Text Swap – This website offers a free textbook exchange service for those students who wish to trade their used textbooks online.

These various apps, websites and services make texts, journals and articles easy accessible to students. In the past students have had to deal with the high cost of textbooks and usage of online services. More and more online services are becoming available for students to access textbooks, articles and journals at a low cost and sometimes free. This means that students can have the materials they need accessible in textbook, ebook and digital format. By using these excellent online text and publication services, Psychology students can help reduce their annual educational cost.