What Are The Disadvantages To Obtaining An Online Degree In Psychology?

Are you ready to earn your psychology degree? If you are currently working full-time and you are interested in returning to school, the idea of earning your degree online in your own free time may sound appealing. While an online Psychology degree is often a convenient choice, not all degrees were designed to be earned through online instruction. Many online institutions focus on the advantages of earning a degree online and skim past the true disadvantages of choosing this method of higher education. Here are the disadvantages of earning your degree in Psychology online that may not be frequently mentioned.

Online Psychology Classes May Require More Time

Online degree programs may be convenient, but this convenience comes at a price. When you complete online classes, all of the instruction is text-based. This means that you will be expected to read lectures and your textbooks before completing assignments and testing. Because the online environment requires a lot more reading and a lot less listening, it may take more time to complete your classes than it would if you attended on-campus courses. The coursework that you must complete is also very advanced, so you may need to cover the same content over and over again to saturate the information.

Taking Away Socialization and Networking From Higher Education

There is no denying the fact that distance education technologies have advanced, but there is still an element of face-to-face interaction that is missing. To some students, the idea of studying alone in silence without any peers to talk to or discuss a chapter with is terrifying. This is why humans are considered social creatures, and the feeling of isolation may lead to poor performance. Feeling connected with the online community simply is not the same as feeling connected with peers in the classroom. If socialization is important to you, you should consider the advantages of an on-campus Psychology program.

You Must Find Your Own Path to Learning Online

If you are an innovative critical thinker, you an grasp those complex subjects that your instructor will have lessons on. As an online student, not only must you stay organized and on top of your coursework, you must also find your own path to learning and be responsible as a student. A professor cannot force students to study or use resources, but professors who teach in-class tend to be much more convincing. Having the freedom that you have when studying online can be very dangerous, and can also lead to procrastination and poor performance.

You may know what you can do with your psychology degree, but do you know which program is best for you? You need to consider what type of learner you are, and how advanced the degree you would like to earn is. Some degrees simply should not be obtained online, and many Psychology graduates agree that face-to-face interactions and lectures do have their advantages in this discipline. Assess the degree options, decide which path you want to take, and weigh the pros and cons of studying online.