What Fields Can I Apply A Psychology Degree Towards?

One of the major strengths of an undergraduate degree in psychology is that it can be applied to a wide range of professional fields. There are a handful of college degrees that can be applied in far reaching places. Degrees in fields such as business, education and psychology can be used to pursue a position in a wide range of places of employment. These degrees also serve as preparation to a wide range of graduate training programs.

What Are Some of the Fields A Psychology Degree Trains You For?

An undergraduate psychology degree can be applied to any field where knowledge of human thoughts and behavior would be valuable. Obviously, professions like professional psychologist and counselor will be benefited from this degree, but the options are wide and varied. Some examples of entry-level careers that can be pursued with a psychology degree include business positions, human resources, social services, career counseling, management, child care, marketing, advertising and many more. The curriculum that underlies most programs is full of courses that are required for many majors throughout the school. This allows students to complete coursework and not lose credits through the process.

What Graduate Programs Does a Psychology Degree Train You For?

In addition to immediate entrance into the workforce, an undergraduate degree in psychology degree can be used to pursue graduate training in a wide range of fields. Students who apply to graduate training in psychology or counseling will be much more likely to be accepted with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. However, there are many graduate program options that view an undergraduate psychology degree as preferable preparation. Some of these include business, law, medicine, nursing, marketing, forensics, police enforcement and many others. The broad training in an undergraduate training makes this major a great choice for students pursuing a graduate degree.

Is Psychology a Good Choice If I Am Undecided in My Career

A small percentage of all students are what is considered “Undecided Majors.” This means that even though they have been accepted into the college they are not yet pursuing a specific major. Most undecided majors will begin their college career working towards the core curriculum required for all liberal arts students. An increasing number of students who are undecided are beginning to opt for a major that allows for greater flexibility. One of these majors in psychology. Because a degree in psychology can be applied to so many fields, it is an excellent option for students who are not 100 percent sure what their chosen profession will be. By pursuing a psychology degree, students can begin to complete their liberal arts curriculum, work towards and major and still have the flexibility to change majors as they see fit.

A psychology degree is a great option for students who are not completely sure what career they want to pursue. Maybe they have the idea that the will end up in one of the helping professions, and maybe they are complete unsure. Either way, a degree in psychology allows flexibility for students who have not yet chosen a career.