Five Great Greek Organizations for Sports Psychology Students

While many Americans think of Greek organizations as collections of clueless fraternity brothers or sorority sisters intent only on wild parties and booze, nothing could be further from the truth. Many Greek organizations are centered around academic achievement, career development, and networking. Sports psychology students attending larger universities may enjoy a large selection of Greek organizations that are relevant to their major and career interests. Here, we’ll discuss five of the best Greek organizations for sports psychology majors.

Phi Theta Kappa

The Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society is an international Greek organization recognizing the achievements of students at two-year and junior colleges. For sports psychology majors that earned an associate’s degree before continuing on to four year, membership in Phi Theta Kappa affords chapter members access to job opportunities available only to members in good standing, opportunities for millions of dollars in scholarships, and nominations to the National Dean’s List. Academically driven students intent on completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sports psychology after completing their two-year may find that acceptances to a quality four-year school as a Phi Theta Kappa member are more likely, with its emphasis on academic achievement.

Delta Epsilon Mu

Delta Epsilon Mu is a coed professional fraternity focusing on those seeking degrees in the health field. The fraternity encourages community work, and emphasizes the importance of community health education and healthcare. Sports psychology majors who are interested in entering the field of public health or health education may benefit from membership in this fraternity, particularly if they have an interest in philanthropy.

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi is a men’s fraternal organization, and is one of the largest in the country. It focuses on the development and maintenance of kinship, knowledge acquisition, and community justice. Sports psychology majors who may be interested in working with the military, public agencies, or police forces may benefit from membership in this fraternity. Sigma Chi promotes the values of diverse and multicultural friendships, and the development of strong character.

Theta Delta Sigma

The Theta Delta Sigma Society is a multicultural fraternal organization that focuses on education, leadership, and public service. Its primary emphasis is on the latter, and the organization is involved in or leads a number of initiatives that provide needed resources and education to disadvantaged and low-income citizens. Sports psychology majors who may wish to focus their career in public service or in serving disadvantaged youth will find this an excellent route to establishing experience in public service and charity through the college years. Theta Delta Sigma also hosts events to increase diversity and multicultural awareness and participation.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

An excellent option for post-collegiate students, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows is a coed fraternal organization that focuses on the development of community values and places special emphasis on aiding those in need and uplifting those experiencing struggle in any area of their lives. Sports psychology majors interested in the holistic wellness approach to sports psychology may find this fraternity an excellent opportunity for seeking out chances to grow community wellness and to assist the disadvantaged in developing their personal health and wellbeing. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows also issues loans and grants to students, and members still pursuing their advanced degree may benefit from this patronage.

Membership in a Greek organization during college typically requires excellent academic performance, and many Greek organization members are highly academically accomplished. It can also lead to greater opportunities upon completion of a college degree. In addition to a wide range of local fraternities and sororities that may benefit sports psychology majors, these national and international organizations are worthy of consideration for membership.

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