Five Jobs for Licensed Clinical Social Workers


Whether they are providing individual therapy, family therapy, planning new behavioral programs or participating in crisis intervention, LCSW’s work hard to help people get the help they need. There is so much more to a career as an LCSW then just diagnosing and treating behavioral and emotional issues. Read on to learn more about 5 jobs that are the perfect fit for an LCSW!

1. Mental Health Social Work

From community centers to private practices and every type of behavioral health setting in between, LCSWs work from beginning to end to come up with treatment plans, assess emotional and behavioral disorders, and help people learn to manage these disorders. This is the traditional route many licensed clinical social workers go employment-wise, as it is what they have been specifically trained to do in their Master’s program.

2. Child Welfare Social Work

When people hear the job title “child welfare social worker,” they often imagine a job filled with despair. It’s true, the job is demanding and most social workers have more work than they feel that they can handle, but there is more to the job than separating children from their families. Child welfare social workers are able to work with families to show them resources they can take advantage of, including support services, they can testify in court on a child’s behalf, and even help children find loving adoptive homes. The mental health background possessed by an LCSW can be helpful in this field, especially in situations where perspective is key!

3. Hospice Care

Though it may seem rather grim, LCSWs are a crucial part of the team in a hospice environment. End of life care is not only hard on the person directly affected by this transition, but their family and friends as well. This type of job is great for an individual who wants to help families and clients work through the motions of serious illness and death.

4. Substance Abuse Counseling

For LCSWs who possess a great amount of compassion, the field of substance abuse counseling is an excellent choice. Substance abuse counselors work with individuals and families who are not only dealing with addictive behaviors and relapses, they also work with clients to overcome unemployment challenges, poverty, abuse; and help to cope with mental illness and/or physical ailments.

5. Environmental Crisis Support

When a disaster hits, residents impacted by the destruction and trauma face more damage than that to property. Alongside doctors and psychologists, licensed clinical social workers are able to work with affected citizens to cope with their long term and immediate problems.

Becoming an LCSW

Regardless of which area of expertise you choose to enter as an LCSW their are seemingly endless opportunities and a strong projection of growth within this occupation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that Social Work jobs will grow by more than 15% through 2026.

According to the US Department of Labor, Licensed clinical social workers must have a master’s degree as well as 2 years of post-master’s experience in a supervised clinical setting. Clinical social workers must also be licensed in the state in which they practice.

If you have the drive to complete your education and clinicals, as well as the guts and compassion to help others, become an LCSW and help change your little corner of the world!

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