Five Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Mental Health Field

Why to Consider Working in Mental Health

  • Never Boring
  • Room for Growth
  • Lots of Opportunities
  • Challenges and Rewards
  • Make a Difference

There are lots of reasons to pursue a career in the mental health field. Generally, those who enjoy helping people can find a job they enjoy and that provides them with a comfortable living within this wide and varied profession. Working in mental health comes with some preconceived notions and misconstrued ideas, though. Some people don’t understand the appeal of a job in this line of work. Read on to discover some reasons mental health professionals love their job.

1. Never Boring

The field of mental health is vast. There are so many types of jobs that fall into this category. In addition, the populations being served are quite diverse. No matter what the position, though, it’s unlikely that the work would be mundane. That’s because mental health jobs involve working with people. People aren’t static. They have varying needs, and the professionals who work in this field must meet those needs.

2. Room for Growth

There’s lots of room for growth within the field of mental health. Many jobs start with a requirement of a Bachelor’s level degree, maybe even an Associate’s. However, most agencies are made up of various departments that fulfill a number of functions. Even without obtaining additional education, it’s possible to move up to a supervisory position with some hands-on work experience.

3. Lots of Opportunities

Because the profession is so varied, there are tons of opportunities. A practitioner who finds themselves working with a particular population of clientele may discover the fit is not good. Within this industry, it’s usually possible to look for similar work serving a variety of populations. There are also tons of different kinds of jobs within the mental health field. There is always a need for people to work in different capacities within the helping professions.

4. Challenges and Rewards

The mental health field is a challenging one. It also comes with many rewards. Working with people and helping them with their problems can be stressful. That’s a fact. Some people may burn out within this profession. The rewards often make up for the stressors. Rewards come in a variety of forms from improving the life of a client to the ones listed above in this article. Every day is different, with opportunity and growth within the field. The challenges are usually temporary.

5. Make a Difference

Psychology Today shares how one of the most popular reasons to pursue a career in the mental health field is to make a difference. When people seek help from a counseling professional, it is almost always during a vulnerable time in their lives. These clients are in need of the expertise, knowledge, and skills that mental health workers possess. Their lives are usually improved dramatically when they seek help. Ways this can be seen is through improved mental health conditions, better relationships, enhanced coping skills and higher functioning in general.

Working in the helping professions is rewarding for both practitioners and clients. These are just some of the many reasons to pursue a career in the mental health field.