Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs in New York – A-C

When a student sets out to choose a college or university they must ask themselves many different questions. Can I afford the tuition? Do they offer the program I am looking for? Is it close enough for me to travel to or will I need to live on or near campus? These are the most obvious questions to ask.

However, some of the most important questions are much less obvious. There are many decisions that will influence your life and potential career more directly. Some of these include ‘should I consider pursuing an online degree?’ or ‘should I pursue a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science’? Will a specialization into a specific area of psychology boost my potential of being accepted into graduate school? Can I complete a full-time program or do I need to consider a part-time plan of study? By asking all of these questions you can better decide which college or university in New York will suit you best.

Adelphia University

The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies

Founded as Adelphi Academy in 1863 in Brooklyn New York, Adelphi University began as a private coed preparatory school. In 1963, the New York State Board of Regents granted the college university status and the name was changed to Adelphi University. Adelphia has additional locations in Manhattan, Hudson Valley and Suffolk Country. It is the oldest university on Long Island. It has an undergraduate enrollment of over 5,000 students.

In 2016, US News & World Report ranked Adelphi University as the 153rd best National University. In 1972, The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies became the nation’s first university-based professional school of psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA with a major in psychology provides students with a core understanding of human thought and behavior, the disciplines of psychology. Coursework allows students to develop the knowledge, analytical abilities and experience to excel in fields of:

  • education
  • healthcare
  • business

Undergraduates in the program can regularly collaborate with faculty members doing original research. Curriculum for the BA in Psychology program is divided into the following categories:

  1. Core Courses
  2. Domains in Psychology Classes include major areas of psychological science and practice
  3. Advanced Topic Seminars allow students to a study of specific areas of research or practice in the sub-disciplines of psychology.
  4. Capstone/Senior Experience Applied Course

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

The BS in Neuroscience degree program provides a study of sciences of the mind, brain and behavior. Neuroscience is the study of the neurons in the brain and how they generate behavior, emotion and cognition. Coursework provides a better understanding of human behavior. It includes behavioral, psychological and neurological disorders affecting the health and quality of life.

The program is an excellent preparation for medical school and graduate studies. Students are also prepared to enter   careers in the research industry and fields related to psychology. Students in the BS in Neuroscience can pursue two areas of concentration: Molecular Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience to meet their specific career objectives.

Dual – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology / Master of Arts in Psychology

The dual BA/MA in Psychology is a five-year program. Students begin graduate training in the fall of their 4th year of study. This includes classes during the summer between their 4th and 5th year. Students in the program can choose from one of three tracks:

  • General Psychology
  • Human Resource Management Concentration
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Concentration

Students in the dual degree program are required to complete the requirements for the BA in Psychology and then he additional MA requirements.

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)

Adelphia University
The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies
Blodgett Hall, Room 212A
1 South Avenue
Garden City, New York 11530-0701
(516) 877-4800
Program Website

Alfred University

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Alfred University is a small, private university founded in 1836 by the Seventh Day Baptists. The school is located in the Village of Alfred, in Western New York. Alfred has an undergraduate enrollment of almost 2,000 as well as 300 graduate students. Alfred University offers over 60 majors and areas of concentration at its five schools and colleges.

In 2016, US News & World Report ranked Alfred University as 47th for Best Northern Regional Universities. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides students the chance to take courses in:

  • psychology
  • business
  • art and design
  • engineering

They can also participate in research projects, internships and study abroad programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology program provides study in the current theories and research in the psychology field. There’s an emphasis on the scientific approach to the study of human behavior and mental states. Coursework provides students with communication skills as well as critical, scientific thinking about psychological issues. Psychology majors can gain applied experience through:

  • supervised counseling skills training
  • directed research
  • independent study
  • internships

Graduates are prepared to pursue graduate study as well as careers using knowledge of human behavior, such as:

  • counseling
  • education
  • law
  • medicine
  • business

Students have the opportunity to pursue specific areas of concentration including the following:

  • The General Psychology Concentration provides a study with flexible course selection. Students get  a general knowledge of human behavior and psychological function valuable in a wide variety of careers
  • The Clinical/Counseling Psychology Concentration is for students who want to pursue a career in human services. This concentration offers:
    • basic counseling and clinical theory
    • supervised applied skills training
    • internship experience

It prepares students for careers in various agencies or for graduate study in any of the clinical or counseling fields

  • The Experimental Psychology Specialization has an emphasis on scientific aspects of psychology (includes theory, research methodology, statistical and laboratory skills)
  • The Child Psychology Specialization provides  students interested in the social and cognitive development of children from infancy through adolescence.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Alfred University
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Chairperson: Professor Danielle Gagne
Saxon Drive
Alfred, New York 14802
(607) 871-2171
Program Website

Bard College

The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing

Founded in 1860 as Saint Stephens College, Bard College is a private liberal arts college, located in Red Hook. It includes:

  • a liberal arts college
  • a conservatory
  • eight graduate programs offering more than 30 graduate degrees in the arts and sciences

There are about 5,000 students enrolled. First-year students are required to live in one of more than 40 residence halls and houses located on campus. In 2016, US News & World Report ranked Bard College as 45th for Best National Liberal Arts Colleges. The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing offers concentrations in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology provides a study of psychology disciplines for a better understanding of the human mind and behavior. The coursework helps students understand psychology from multiple levels of analysis. This includes the  biological mechanisms and individual psychological processes. It also includes social, cultural, and other environmental influences. Graduates are prepared to enter graduate study in psychology. They are also prepare for   a variety of related fields of employment. Areas of study include:

  • developmental psychology
  • neuroscience
  • abnormal psychology
  • cognitive psychology
  • social psychology

Students have numerous opportunities to participate in research and laboratory experiences.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)

Bard College
Annandale Road
Annandale-On-Hudson, New York 12504
Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing
(845) 758-7621
Program Website

Barnard College

The Department of Psychology

Founded in 1869, Bernard College is a private liberal arts college and one of seven sisters. It’s located in Manhattan, New York. The college has been affiliated with Columbia University since 1900. Barnard was the only female college in New York City where women could receive the same caliber education available to men. The college was named after educator, mathematician, and 10th president of Columbia College, Frederick A.P. Barnard.

Undergraduate enrollment is nearly 2,400 women on the 4-acre main campus. In 2016, US News and World Report ranked Barnard College as 29th for Best National Liberal Arts Colleges. The Department of Psychology  offered the first courses in psychology in 1906 despite persistent objections of the faculty and administrators who felt that psychology was an inappropriate topic for young women.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology program provides a study of behavior and experience. It focuses on the complexity and diversity of human behavior and the psychological theories and concepts. Students gain a core understanding of social sciences theory and how to apply these theories in real-world career environments.

Graduates of the BA in Psychology program are prepared for graduate study in psychology fields including:

  • counseling
  • social work
  • marriage and family therapy

Faculty members in psychology provide a variety of research interests, including:

  • social and cognitive development
  • social stereotyping
  • memory
  • language
  • animal learning
  • behavioral neuroscience

Students study the many perspectives on psychological evidence and technique through lecture, laboratory, field courses, and other offerings.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Barnard College
Psychology Department
Department Chair: Prof. Lisa Son
415 Milbank Hall
3009 Broadway
New York, New York 10027
(212) 854-2069
Program Website

Binghamton University – SUNY

The Department of Psychology

Binghamton University, a public coed research university, was founded in 1946 as Triple Cities College.  The college was originally located in Endicott, five miles west of the present campus and was a branch of Syracuse University.  In 1965, the campus was formally designated the State University of New York at Binghamton. The university includes seven colleges and schools. It enrolls almost 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Binghamton is one of the four university centers comprising the State University of New York (SUNY) system. In 2016, US News & World Report ranked Binghamton University-SUNY as 89th for Best National Universities. The Harpur College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest of Binghamton University schools, enrolling over 7,000 undergraduates and more than 1,200 graduate students. It offers 12 degree programs in the fine arts, humanities, natural and social sciences, and mathematics.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology program includes:

  • a study human behavior theories
  • motivation and behavior in business environments
  • group behavior
  • organizational change management
  • personality theories
  • psychological disorders
  • physiological aspects of human development
  • human cognition

The program requires 58 credits and includes:

  • 12 credits of core psychology courses
  • 7 courses of track core coursework
  • 8 credits of experimental course
  • 12 credits of Science and Math Electives

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Applied Behavior Analysis Track

The BA in Psychology with an Applied Behavior Analysis track provides an understanding of the concept and methodology required for education and treatment intervention. Applied behavior analysis involves the analysis of behavior and learning patterns. Coursework helps to build skills for focusing on behavioral issues and solving social problems and relationships. Use of applied behavior analysis methods provides an effective method of treating autism and those affected by trauma. The BA degree in psychology prepares students to enter graduate studies as well as to broaden future career opportunities.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Binghamton University – SUNY
The State University of New York
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902
(607) 777-2000
Program Website

Canisius College

The College of Arts and Sciences

Founded by Jesuits in 1870, Canisius College is a private coed college located in Buffalo. More than 2,800 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled. They can choose from more than 125 majors, minors and special programs in:

  • the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Richard J. Wehle School of Business
  • the School of Education and Human Services

Canisius College has 16 Division I athletic teams and about 140 clubs and organizations. In 2016, US News & World Report ranked Canisius College as 34th for Best Northern Regional Universities. The College of Arts and Sciences  provides an education in:

  • the humanities and fine arts
  • the social sciences
  • the natural sciences

The mission of the College of Arts & Sciences is “educating the whole person in preparation for service and leadership in a global society”.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology provides a study of this field and its related disciplines to better understand why people think, feel and behave. The program offers a strong academic foundation supplemented by personal attention and a variety of research opportunities. The ability to interact with faculty provides opportunities for personal guidance and collaborative research.

Psychology majors are required to complete four introductory/basic courses and three courses from the core curriculum. The core curriculum includes:

  • Neuroscience & Cognition
  • Developmental & Psychosocial
  • Outcomes & Applications

Graduates are prepared to enter careers in a variety of areas including:

  • Neuropsychology
  • Clinical/counseling
  • social & developmental psychology
  • Industrial/organizational psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • School psychology
  • Sports psychology

In addition to their major, psychology majors can choose a minor from the following:

  • The child, family and community studies minor is offered in conjunction with the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice to provide students with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of family relations and the interaction of the family with society.
  • The clinical/counseling psychology minor is applicable for those students who are planning careers in psychology, social work, or counseling education. It’s open to majors and non-majors with the needed prerequisites.
  • The forensic psychology minor is for students interested in applying psychology to the criminal justice and legal systems.
  • The industrial-organizational psychology specialization prepares students for careers as psychologists who want to practice their skills in a business or similar organizational environments.
  • The minor in school psychology prepares student interested in:
    • education
    • testing
    • psychology
    • special education
    • working with children
  • The sports psychology minor in collaboration with the Physical and Sports Education Department, is for students who want to apply psychology to athletics.

Dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English

The Dual degree in Psychology and English share human experience as their subject matter and provide coursework to develop students’ abilities to think critically, logically and creatively. Disciplines for the dual program enrich students’ abilities to create and understand characterizations of personality and normal and abnormal behavior.

Dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Biology

The number of electives available to biology majors provides an excellent option for dual majors with other departments. Specific programs have been developed in Biology-Psychology. The Biology-Psychology major can select courses that are cross-listed with the Psychology Department. Members of the biology faculty also frequently cooperate with other departmental faculty in presenting interdisciplinary courses.  Students in this dual major may count BIO 315, BIO 315L, and BIO 316 as PSY courses and as Core III courses in psychology.

Dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice

Students interested in forensic psychology or the application of psychology to the legal and criminal justice systems may wish to combine Psychology and Criminal Justice courses into a dual major. Some courses count for credit in both psychology and criminal justice:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Drugs and Behavior
  • Forensic Psychology

Detailed information may be obtained from the Psychology Department.

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)

Canisius College
The Psychology Department
2001 Main Street,
Buffalo NY 14208-1517
(716) 883-7000
Program Website

There are many, many options for how, when and where you can earn your bachelor’s degree in psychology in New York. There are small schools and large universities. There are options ranging from fully online degrees to traditional on-campus degrees, and everything in between. Students can pursue a BA or a BS degree with the option to specialize in one of the many sub-fields of psychology. By carefully considering the various options, each student can find the program that is the best fit. With so many potential degree programs, every student in New York can find the undergraduate psychology degree that will help them achieve all of their goals.

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