Five Psychology Jobs in Public Schools

//Five Psychology Jobs in Public Schools
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Five Psychology Jobs in the Public School Setting

  • School Psychologist
  • Classroom Behavioral Aide
  • Teacher
  • Academic Counselor
  • Curriculum Research and Development

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in public schools! Public schools directly influence the direction of the future, so students need to be surrounded by qualified and caring professionals. If you are pursuing a degree in psychology and wondering how you can integrate education into your career path, this article will provide you with five great psychology jobs in public schools.

1. School Psychologist

School psychologists help students achieve academic success by overcoming challenges of mental health and social problems. School psychologists provide direct therapy geared towards balancing academic life and specific mental health and social struggles. They facilitate communication between students, families, teachers, academic counselors, and school administrators. They lead mental health and wellness groups and activities that benefit all students. They first responders to help students cope with crises and tragedies that occur in the school or community. They advice school administrators and teachers on how to implement best practices within classroom management, curriculum, and school administration. To become a school psychologist, earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology, followed by either a master’s degree or doctorate degree and licensure in a related field.

2. Classroom Behavioral Aide

If you enjoy working more directly with students on a daily basis and being inside the classroom, you should consider becoming a classroom behavioral aide. In this role, you work directly with students who need a little bit more assistance overcoming their behavioral and developmental challenges, according to CPI. You assist them with completing work and maintaining appropriate classroom behavior. Aides collaborate often with teachers to help them understand each child’s unique needs and create a plan for academic success. They might be assigned to one student, one classroom, one grade level, or even an entire school. Becoming a behavioral aide typically requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but sometimes you qualify with an associate’s degree and related experience.

3. Teacher

If you find that psychology is more of an interest that you would like to implement into teaching, consider getting your teaching credential after you earn your bachelor’s degree in psychology. Psychology is a great undergraduate major on which to build a career teaching any grade. Your background in psychology will prepare you better than most for understanding your students’ developmental phase, managing classroom behavior, and building rapport with students and families.

4. Academic Counselor

Perhaps you are excited about working with middle and high school students, because you enjoy helping them choose classes, balance their growing academic responsibilities, and planning their futures. These are the tasks an academic counselor performs daily. Counselors also serve as an academic liaison between students, families, teachers, and school administrators.

5. Curriculum Research and Development

All curriculum development begins by researching what students should learn and how. If this is an area you find interesting, and you prefer a more behind-the-scenes role in public schools, consider concentrating your studies on educational psychology. You typically need a master’s degree or doctorate degree to be able to conduct research and collaborate with public school curriculum developers.

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Working in public schools is highly rewarding. It allows you to participate in shaping the next generation of citizens to become productive members of society with good moral fiber. Now that you have information about your psychology job options in public schools, you can begin your satisfying career journey.